she says oooommmmmgggg!

she met him at the club the other night, and they fooled around pretty good!..he frigged her cunt while he kissed her like a wild nigger! she wanted to fuck his enormous bulge...but she refrained!..she did dildo herself when she got home, as visions of that choco hunk melted her brain!...''omg! his lips...and muscles!...and that bulge! hard and heavy!! big must it be?''
this is a pic she took of him shortly after he arrived at her place on thier second meeting!...shes fetching some cocktails in the kitchen and snuck this pic!...shes giddy like christmas!...and shes gonna play with her new toy after she unwraps it!
no wonder why we see these white girls suckin nigger cock for 20 minutes!
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