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Fulgrim's Legion was initially quite small due to yet another one of the Emperors fuck-ups (I mean seriously, how did this guy manage to create anything let alone a bloody empire with all those screw-ups) for some reason and as a result spent a lot of his first years as a Primarch hanging around with Horus which in retrospect probably wasn't the best idea the Emperor had ever had considering what happened during the Heresy.


This initial shortage of manpower led to Fulgrim having somewhat of an obsession with perfection as he presumable wanted to make as good an impression as was possible with the resources he had. His close ties with Horus made his choosing of sides pretty much a no-brainer when the heresy came along but having a Daemon Weapon probably helped the corruption along as well. For the purposes of his statistics I'm going to presume this is at the point of his Daemonic possession but before any actual physical changes had occurred (so no snake tail, four arms or any of the other daemonic upgrades that seem to come as standard during a Daemonic ascension). As to all intents and purposes he is possessed by the Daemon in his weapon I'm not going to give his weapon 'daemonic' status but rather simply consider it as a Power Weapon/Relic Blade or something similar.

As for his physical prowess well he carves Ferrus Manus into tiny pieces with practically no effort whatsoever and slits Roboute Guilliman's throat though that's after becoming a Daemon Prince*. He does however kill an Avatar of Khaine in single combat way before he's even fully possessed though...

* He's the only one of the surviving 'Traitor' Primarchs who isn't 'rewarded' with Daemon Prince status but rather has his body modified due to possession. It's also stated that Fulgrims personality is still buried in there somewhere. The idea of Fulgrim retaking his own body and then taking over his Legion again is one that appeals to me a great deal. Loyalist Noise Marines fighting against both Chaos and an Imperium that's still hates them is in the best traditions of 40K's 'Grimdark' storytelling ;-)

I had stated quite early on that I wasn't going to give any of the Primarchs 'tens' in any stats until I did the Daemonic versions much later. However the whole 'possession' thing gives me an excuse to give a Primarch ten in a stat without breaking my own personal rule.....Hooray for loopholes.....

I've also decided to include Noise Marine options as well. However in my humble opinion Noise Marines as currently written are a bit too expensive. I have decided to rectify that somewhat ;-)

Fulgrim the Phoenician, Primarch of the Emperors Children Legion.

WS 10, BS 6, S 6 (8), T 6, W 5, I 8, A 6, Ld. 10, Save 1+/3+inv.

Composition : 1 (Unique)
Unit Type : Infantry

Frag and Krak Grenades, Primarch Armour, The Laeran Sword*.

* The Laeran Sword - The Anathame is a weapon that formally held the Daemon of Chaos which now inhabits Fulgrims body. Though it no longer acts as a Daemon Weapon it's long association with the warp creature inside it has left it far more deadly than a normal weapon. The Anathame is treated as a Master Crafted Relic Blade (and therefore adds two to Fulgrims strength and this benefit is already shown on his profile).

Special Rules:
**Aura of Perfection, Acute Senses, And They Shall Know No Fear, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Infiltrate, Might of the Primarch, ***Perfect Warrior, Relentless, ****The Cult of Noise, Will of the Primarch.

** Aura of Perfection - Such is the regard in which Fulgrim is held by his Legion that any Emperors Children unit within 24" may use his Leadership score instead of their own. In addition any Emperors Children unit within 12" of Fulgrim gain +1 WS and the Furious Charge special rule to represent their desire to impress their lord with their own prowess.

*** Perfect Warrior - Fulgrim's quest for perfection has allowed him to master several different methods of combat. Fulgrim may select one of the following methods at the beginning of each round of combat.

Whirlwind Offence - Fulgrim attacks with all his skill and fury in a whirlwind of steel capable of destroying enemies by the score - Fulgrim gains D6 attacks this round of combat.

Impenetrable Defence - Fulgrim makes no attacks this turn but may re-roll any failed saves.

Unearthly Speed - Fulgrim strikes first in this round of combat regardless of any special rules his opponent or opponents might have.

Killing Strike - Fulgrim focus's all his skill into a single killing blow. Fulgrim makes a single attack that causes instant death should a wound be caused. In addition any invulnerable saves must be re-rolled. should this attack have a 'to wound' roll of a 5 or 6 it also ignores the 'Eternal Warrior' rule (his brother Primarchs are immune to this part of the rule with the exception of Ferrus Manus who would be killed instantly just like anybody else as you can't argue with fate now can you.....).

**** The Cult of Noise - Though still in it's infancy at this point in history there were nevertheless a significant quantity of 'Noise Marines' in the Emperors Children's ranks. Any Emperors Children army led by Fulgrim may include any number of Noise Marine units you desire however they must all be armed with Sonic Blasters and/or Blastmasters if the option exists. Sonic Blasters no longer have an additional points cost but are included in the base cost of the Noise Marine. In addition Blastmasters are reduced in cost to 25 points.

So we have a near perfect killing machine followed around by a bunch of toadying sycophants desperate to get his attention.....Sounds perfect to me.

Editors Note : He's not particularly 'rules heavy' but I'm trying to avoid adding a bazillion rules when a few decent ones do the job ;-)

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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