Erratic Blogging and Other Apologies...

Blogging can be a demanding mistress,

For those of us without 'Internet Celebrity' status before we start our own blogs it's a small beginning. Usually we throw up a few pictures of things were proud of, post our current army list, write that tactica article we've had in the back of our minds forever or any of a dozen other things that seem like a good idea at the time.

We tell our friends who then become followers as much out of sympathy as any real interest in our meandering brain ramblings and maybe plug our little projects as thinly disguised comments on other more popular blogs and forums...Most of us give up pretty quickly or end up posting once a month or in one particularly strange case end up as a clothing website*

* You'll either know where I mean or wont but for those of you in the 'know' camp I'm sure your having a quiet chuckle to yourself now...

Some of us stick at it though and end up with a decent following of people who either through luck, masochism or a genuine interest in our work stick around. Unfortunately like the aforementioned mistress that following needs to be satisfied.....and often at that ;-)

Now lets stop talking generally and talk about me,

Some of my more popular articles are tricky and time consuming to get right and some just require access to a search engine but even the simple stuff takes time and that available time's been a bit random lately.

For those of you who are unaware I work worked in the construction industry and that industry in the UK is in quite a sorry state. The companies that could use my expertise (I repair repaired surveying equipment to be specific) would rather pay somebody less money to do a worse job than pay me to do the job properly...

I have therefore decided to go into business for myself as I need far less of a profit margin to cover my overheads and make a living than a big company would as I have no need of a sales force, typing pool, board of directors or that guy you always see wandering about who nobody actually knows the job description of...

So that's been eating into my time at the most random and inconvenient of moments which may explain my somewhat erratic posting schedule of late. I however plan to become more organised by reattempting to work to an almost nearly vague set schedule.

Which will be this,

Primarch Posts - These are the ones that I most often promise and then fail to deliver. This week however I published my stats for Corax as promised and next Sunday will feature Fulgrim or maybe Alpharius if I can iron out the wrinkles (balancing the rules is currently eluding me with the Alpha Legion guys I'm afraid).

Probably Bugger All - I usually write my Tuesday Blog post on a Monday as it needs to be approved by my evil overlords benevolent and wonderful hosts at The House of Paincakes Blog Network and I also have to find a suitably nerdy bit of Eye-Candy to use in the post on my own blog that links to it.

House of Paincakes and Eye-Candy - This as always will be the day I link to my HoP article and then liven it up with some pictures of pretty ladies ;-)

Wednesday and Thursday.
E-mails In - These will be the days that I sort out any e-mail or personal requests for list help (I don't get loads but am happy to help anybody who requires it). My E-mail address is at the top right corner of the blog for those who require it.

2nd Company Progress - I'm going to allocate myself an hour or two a night for painting and converting so any progress made will probably appear on this day.

Featured Army - This is a new feature that I'll be hopefully doing every week where I'll 'feature' an army belonging to somebody of my acquaintance (at first anyway). Hopefully I can use this spot to showcase well painted and competitive armies with a brief interview with their creator on what inspired them to create them, how they use them, what issues the armies have, etc. This is going to take some organising so is most likely the one feature that I might miss the deadline for on the first week for which occurrence I'll apologise for in advance just in case ;-)

The in betweens. 
I'll continue to publish Games Workshop related 'Newsletters' as they appear in my Inbox for those few people in the world who don't actually receive them themselves and any interesting 'leaks' that find there way to me will be slotted into the schedule where appropriate.

And now a humble request...
Most of my available finances will be being re-invested into my own business for the foreseeable future which will make certain 'hobby' related investments a bit more tricky. Those of you who enjoyed my coverage of such events as 'The Throne of Skulls' in the UK and other events can help me to fund these activities by clicking on the various unobtrusive adverts that are scattered around the blog. There's' no need to click on them all every day but if you could be kind enough to click on a couple every other visit this would be much appreciated. You can also order things from Wayland Games via the banner at the top of the blog (at a good discount compared to Games Workshop) for which I apparently (It's yet to happen, lol) get a small commission. Any monies generated will be used to fund coverage of tournaments and hobby events rather than go into my 'Buy Gmort a Yacht Fund**'

** Of course if anybody wants to buy me a yacht I'd obviously be too polite to refuse ;-)

So that's it then, but to summarise...
Sorry about the erratic posting schedule, I'll try to do better and please click on some advertisements.....

And thanks to all of you who have supported the blog as followers and lurkers over the last year or so it's your support that makes it worthwhile.
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