UK Games Expo 2011 - Some Pictures.

Due to the inevitable no-shows I was forced to play in the first couple of rounds of the tournament which made taking pictures a bit tricky.

For rounds three and four however I got to walk around and take a few pictures. As I was also doing the 'referee' thing I couldn't really concentrate on any games in particular so instead I'll just post a few pictures and hopefully people who were involved in the games in particular can chip in with some observations and experiences.....If they don't then you can just look at the pictures and make something up yourself ;-)

The allowance of Forge World units didn't really make a difference as only one person took a Forge World unit (a Lucius Pattern Drop Pod) and the missions themselves didn't create more issues than the odd raised eyebrow, lol.

As for the event itself, I thoroughly enjoyed myself though four games in a day was a bit tiring to walk around so I can only presume it was equally (if not more so) tiring for the people actually playing.. Hopefully we can persuade Leon to do a two day event next time which would make five or six games at 1750 quite viable while still giving people time to look at the actually exhibition as well*

* I didn't really get a chance to look myself but my daughter managed to play a few board games in the 'family room', meet a 'Doctor who' and talk through a Daleks head. The Storm Trooper she keep poking to see if he was real may have been getting bored of the attention though...

Anyway I'll get on now and post a load of pictures and hopefully we'll get a bit of feedback from those involved,

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