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Hi Gmort,
I've noticed you mention quite a few times that the 'Vanilla' Space Marine Codex is still competitive, does some builds better than the other 'flavoured' codices and that you can kick the newer codices arses with it (or words to that effect anyway). yet it doesn't look like you've used the normal Marine book in ages, so how come?

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The simple answer is that I did the Marine book pretty much to death and fancied a change. Because a Marine with a Bolter works perfectly as a different coloured Marine with a Bolter it meant I could try different builds with other codices with a minimal or zero financial investment.

Though the above answers the question at it's most basic level, it also got me thinking ;-)

Recently I've been asked by several people to write them balanced lists using the Marine codex but to be honest the best Space Marine lists are available to anybody with Internet access. My own blog has plenty if you look through the Space Marine and/or Army List Labels and there are plenty of decent ones on both YTTH and 3++ as well. So rather than reinvent the wheel I'm going to approach the issue in a slightly different way while simultaneously killing two birds with one stone...

As the next part of my 'List Design for Beginners' series I'm going to take what is in my humble opinion still one of the best 'balanced' Marine lists out there and go through it unit by unit and explain exactly how it ticks all the appropriate boxes like Duality, Redundancy and all the other internet buzzwords that we hear but that not everybody necessarily fully understands.

With any luck this will both provide the people in question with a decent Marine list as well as nicely kick-start the next stage of the aforementioned list building articles.....clever, huh?

Watch this space ;-)
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