Warhammer Forge Newsletter #10

Warhammer Forge Newsletter # 10

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            In this week's Warhammer Forge newsletter we unveil a sinister and monstrous creature known of in ancient lore and reputed to lurk in the very darkest places of the Warhammer World: the Carmine Dragon! As well of the news of this amazing addition to our Warhammer range, we also have a summary of all the events that the Warhammer Forge staff and products will be present at in the coming months.
Carmine Dragon
Carmine DragonCarmine Dragons are strange and rare beasts even amongst their storied kin; born, it is said, when a dragon's lair is saturated by the Amethyst wind of Death, the power of Shyish gathering and magnifying within the heart and soul of the beast yet to hatch.
Carmine Dragons (sometimes known in dark legend as Encarmine Dragons) are named for their scales, which darken from a deep, ruby red when young to a purple so dark as to be almost black when they age, and many ancient tales hold them as spectres of death. Sinister, clever and deadly creatures, they are reputed to be found in murky swamps, ancient battle sites and the ruins of fallen cities - anywhere where the echoes of death and destruction on a grand scale will feed their power and the whispers of the dead will echo in the darkness of their lair.
The Carmine Dragon, model designed by Trish Carden, is a complete resin kit packed with intricate detail that stands a majestic 8" (203mm) tall. Poised to unleash the devastating power of its magical breath, the Carmine Dragon has a 5" (125mm) wingspan and makes an ideal centrepiece for any Warhammer army.
Warhammer Forge at a Games Day near you!
The full range of Warhammer Forge released so far this year will be on sale at Games Day Spain in Madrid on 3rd July, Games Day Chicago on 30th of July and Games Day Germany in Cologne on 7th August.
All three shows will have the Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith show only model available to purchase, and Mark Bedford will be joining Forge World model designer Will Hayes at Games Day Chicago. We'll be bringing you more details of the Warhammer Forge presence at Games Day Germany in future newsletters, along with news of more fantastic additions to our range of Chaos Dwarfs and Warhammer Monsters, and some exciting news about the first Warhammer Forge Expansion book, Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, which writer Alan Bligh has recently put the finishing touches to.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World
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