Games Workshop Newsletter - Storm of Magic

Games Workshop
 The Games Workshop Newsletter25.06.2011
In this issue: Storm of Magic is now available to Advance Order!
Prepare for powerful magic and a host of fearsome monsters...
New monsters have woken from their slumber, Arcane Fulcrums have burst up from the ground, and new wizards are learning to harness the Winds of Magic... Storm of Magic, the world-shattering Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles, is now available for you to advance order.
Not only is this the most exciting thing to happen to Warhammer since, well, Warhammer itself, but we've shortened the wait between advance order and launch - so you can get your hands on the new releases even quicker.
Head on over to to see the new monsters, wizards and Arcane Fulcrums in all their glory - and play Warhammer like you've never played before.
Its Warhammer Fantasy which I'm afraid makes it of no interest to me whatsoever but at least the models are pretty, lol.
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