I was recently reintroduced to the world of Role-playing games courtesy of a group of friends of mine who had started playing 'Deathwatch'. A few of them had already had a game as a team and me and another friend of ours were added in as a Techmarine and Apothecary respectively for the last session.

It was a lot of fun, even though my grasp of the rules system was non-existent and my RPG muscles were a bit rusty having not been involved in one since I stopped playing 'Vampire the Masquerade' some ten years or so ago.

The rules system is very well designed (as far as I can tell) but like most similar systems it's the GM who controls whether the experience is a good or bad one. Fortunately we seem to have got lucky there as Adam did an excellent job in that role. Though my rustiness with the RPG scene showed in a number of areas, not least of which was failing to open a door and then rather than having another attempt I smashed a hole in the wall with my Servo Arm instead.....
Another thing I need to do is quite specifically say that I'm having a conversation over the squad Vox link as our GM takes any statement as being 'out loud' unless you specify otherwise. Therefore I may have revealed to the Imperial Governors guards that he was dead a little before we actually wanted them to know. Fortunately a Demo-Charge I'd placed earlier did a good job of covering up that little mistake ;-)


Inspired by the whole experience I've made a start on a model of my character*,

* Still a fair bit of work to do on him yet though ;-(

Please welcome Techmarine Mortis of the Night Reapers 2nd Company currently seconded to Deathwatch Kill-Team Epsilon,

He got a bit trigger happy with his experience points but the system is designed so you can't really save them up if you want to go up in rank as well....

WS 48, BS 51, S 44, T 52, A 40, Int 59, Per 39, WP 44, Fel 43

Space Marines get a load of upgrades as standard which I haven't bothered to list. The ones 'unique' to me however are,

Skills - Tech Use, Speak Language (Tech Lingua).
Talents and Traits - Electro-Graft-Use, Mechandrite Use (Servo Arm), Mechanicus Implants, The Flesh is Weak (1).
Bionics - Bionic Hand, Mind Impulse Unit.

As soon as I can work out a way of converting PDF files to a format up-loadable by blogger, I may post his character sheets in order to chronicle his path to glory. Don't worry I'm not going to be changing the current blog emphasis and waffling on about RPG's all the time, however you may hear from Brother Mortis again if he does anything awesome this Saturday ;-)

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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