you wanted to be cucked!

the reality set in as your wife told you to suck him!
''dont whine when you suck him either!...moan!...make it bassy so it vibrates his bawlz!...get those sperms movin!''...''you sound like a high-schooler!''
the nigger was smirkin like he had you by the he had you!....all the while you sucked, he flexed his cock to pump pre-cum in ya mouth!
she chimed back in...'' honey call him a nigger!...he loves that!....but do it while it in your mouth!''
he seemed to like as it flexed in your throat!....all the while it drooled and let off tiny shots of spunk!

''enuf!'' she said as she straddled him!....''now watch a ngger take ownership of mhy pusssy!
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