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So After doing 'The Night Haunter' several weeks ago I'm going to try my hand at Angron next as I figured he'd be fairly easy.....

We have a few examples of Angron's prowess in GW's background and the Horus Heresy series, but most of these are of the 'Angron was over there killing shit' variety so don't give us much in the way of specifics.
I was therefore just going to give Angron slightly above average Weapon Skill, Strength and a bazillion attacks and call it a day.


The short story 'After Desh'ea' from the Horus Heresy series book 'Tales of Heresy' shows him in a slightly different light. Amongst other things it shows us that Angron has a strong code of honour, an innate understanding of military tactics and the ability to hold his anger in check (at least temporarily) should he deem it necessary. It also implies that his rages and lack of self control are the fault of his neural implants rather than an inherent part of his nature. Honourable warrior and Uncontrollable Berzerker all wrapped in one inseparable package.....

Also, the audio book 'Raven's Flight' states that no other Primarch could have bested Angron in single combat except for maybe Horus or perhaps Sanguinius. However, I'm a bit dubious about that but I promise to bear it in mind ;-)

Now onto equipment.

According to 'Battle for the Abyss' Angron originally wielded a Chain-Axe called 'Brazentooth' which he later replaced with  a pair of Chain-Axes called 'Gorefather' and 'Gorechild'. Since Gorechild is now wielded by Kharn the Betrayer we've a fair idea of it's stats. Again I can't find a reference to him shooting anyone so we won't bother with ranged weapons as even if he had them I'm reasonably sure he wouldn't be using them often.

Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters Legion.

WS 8, BS 5, S 8, T 6, W 6, I 8, A 6 (7), Ld. 10, Save 1+, 3+ Inv.

Composition : 1 (Unique)
Unit Type : Infantry

Primarch Armour, Gorefather + Gorechild*, Frag and Krak Grenades.

* Gorefather + Gorechild - Angrons close combat attacks always hit on 2's. In addition Angrons attacks count as being caused by Power Weapons and add an extra D6 to his armour penetration rolls.

Special Rules.
Acute Senses, Berzerk Charge**, Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Independent Character, Might of the Primarch, Neural Implants***, Relentless, Whirlwind of Destruction****.

** Berzerk Charge - In a turn in which Angron has charged into combat he gains +1 S, +1 I and an extra D6 attacks rather than the usual 1 normally gained for charging.

*** Neural Implants - The implants 'given' to Angron as a gladiator constantly attempt to goad him into a killing frenzy. At the start of each of the controlling players turns Angron must take a Leadership test, should he fail this test he will be subject to the 'Rage' special rule until the beginning of his next turn. While subject to this rule he must always use his 'Whirlwind of Destruction' special rule in assault rather than his normal attacks. At the beginning of the controlling players next turn Angron may attempt to regain control of himself, but the Leadership test will be at -2 for each turn he has been subject to 'Rage' during that game.
As a side effect of these Implants, Angrons mind is almost impossible to effect with psychic abilities and actively disrupts psychic energies around him. Any psychic power that has Angron in it's area of effect will fail to work on a roll of 3+ and any psychic power targeted specifically at Angron will fail on a 2+ regardless of whether the power would have been beneficial to him or not.

**** Whirlwind of Destruction - Instead of his normal attacks Angron can choose to make a Special attack that automatically hits every model in the combat in which he is involved (with the exception of himself, obviously).
First Roll a die for each model in the combat (Identically armed models may be rolled for as a group to save time).

The following hits are taken using Angrons normal strength for that turn and are therefore at S8 (or S9 in the event that Angron charged that turn).

Angron still has a small measure of restraint. 'Friendly' models may reduce the result on the table by -1, World Eaters may reduce it by -3 (they are well used to their Primarchs particular style of fighting).

0 or less : Miss
1      : The victim is fortunate enough to have been struck by the most glancing of blows and may take his normal armour save.
2 - 4 : The target takes an automatic hit using Angrons normal profile
5      : The target takes a hit at Angrons normal profile but any successful invulnerable saves must be re-rolled.
6      : The target has taken the full force of Angrons fury. Remove the model from play with no saves of any kind allowed.

In addition, any vehicle within 1" of the combat will take a single automatic hit using Angrons normal profile.

World Eaters.

World Eater Berzerkers.
Pre-Heresy World Eaters may still be represented using the Khorne Berzerker stats with the following additions.
For every five Berzerkers in the squad one Berzerker may replace their Bolt Pistol  with one of the following.

Flamer - 5 Points
Meltagun or Hand Flamer- 10 points
Plasma gun/pistol or Infernus pistol - 15 points

In addition to his normal options the unit Champion may exchange his Bolt Pistol for a Hand Flamer, Plasma Pistol or Infernus Pistol at the above costs.

'Standard' World Eaters Marines.
World Eaters who are yet to be given their own implants may be represented by standard Chaos Havocs, Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Raptors but must be given the 'Icon of Khorne' upgrade. In this case the upgrade is not reliant on an 'Icon Bearer' but the cost remains the same.

World Eater Terminators.
World Eater Terminators use the normal Chaos Terminator profile but gain +1 to both their WS and Attacks characteristics in addition to gaining the 'Fearless' and 'Furious Charge' special rules. Their base cost is increased by 10***** points to take these new abilities into account. They may purchase other upgrades as normal with the obvious exception of Icons.

***** This may be too cheap now I've thought about it.....

Any World Eater unit Champion may purchase a 'Personal Icon' for 5 points.

I think that pretty much covers Angron and his Legion, but as usual any constructive comments will be taken on board.
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