Throne of Skulls - My Thoughts and Hopefully Your Input.

So this was my first attempt at doing a report that covered an entire event and I don't think I did a bad job.....

However I don't think I did a brilliant one either.....

As there's always room for improvement lets have a look at what I could do to improve my coverage and by extension every-bodies enjoyment reading about it.

1) Pictures - Well I took a lot of them and for the most part they came out fairly well so this part of the coverage seemed fairly sound. Next time however I'll see if I can get pictures of everyone's complete armies as a nicely set out picture to accompany their sets of 'in-game' pictures as well as more pictures of the opposing armies also.

2) Army Lists - I failed to get copies of everyone's army lists and that was bad planning on my part. Next time I'll get them in advance so I don't have to scavenge about for them at the last minute.
A few people have asked about army lists for their opponents as well. I'm not sure how practical this is as many people don't bring that many spare copies. I will however endeavour to make enough notes to give as close a list of their units as is humanly possible.

3) Win/Draw/Loss - Another failure on my part I'm afraid. Next time I'll make notes after each game together with any other appropriate info like kill points tally or number of objectives held. I'll also include what scenario and deployment type were being used as I didn't document that either.

4) Battle Reports - This is another tricky one. Had I attempted to do that then I would have had to do 40 bat reps over the weekend and that just isn't a viable option when your skipping from table to table. On the other hand a brief report of each game jotted down afterwards may be enough to add some kind of context to the games in question.

5) Overviews - To be honest I got overviews from everybody I expected to......Maybe if I knocked up a brief questionnaire for people to fill in then I would have got more input, which is exactly what I'll be trying next time.

6) Pre-Event Thoughts - It has been suggested by several people that some info on why certain things were taken in certain lists might be of interest. It's probably better if I do these as separate articles before the event takes place but I'm open to ideas.

So that's it really. What I thought I did right and the things that I obviously did poorly.

The floor is now open for other suggestions.....
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