Killing Grey Knights with Daemons - Part 2 (c): Anti-Daemon Wargear.

So we've covered the fundamental problems with Daemons, The 'generic' Rules Grey Knights have that hurt Daemons especially and the psychic abilities that they also need to be wary of.....

Onto Grey Knight 'anti-Daemon' war-gear then*,

* This is going to be a short list...

I've already covered Psyk-Out Grenades in the earlier 'generic' post as pretty much all Grey Knights get them. However as a brief re-cap.....If Grey Knights charge Daemons then the Daemons become Initiative one and then get killed before they can do anything about it.....

I covered Nemesis Force weapons in the same post so go and read it again if you've forgotten what I said.

We'll wait here till your done.....


Okay onwards into the rest of the war-gear then,


This always wounds Daemons on a 4+ unless the score required would normally be less and comes in Heavy 6 and a Dreadknight only Heavy 12 version. Against everything else it's Strength 4

For those of you interested in the Maths...

6 shots Vs. Daemon(s) at BS4, 4 Hits, 2 Wounds, resulting in 1.33 wounds after 5+ invulnerable saves.

Really not sure what Games Workshop were thinking here as for 10 points extra you can have a Psycannon that due to being Strength 7 wounds most Daemons on a 2+ instead as well as having the added advantage of wounding pretty much everything else on a 2+ as well as being able to hurt vehicles. I wouldn't worry about seeing that too often on Infantry models. The Dreadknight version is going to be a more common sight as it's a pretty good anti-infantry weapon against non-Daemon opponents as well.

Well that was a quick section lets see if the vehicles get any anti-Daemon toys,

Truesilver Armour.

If a Daemon (or Psyker) hits a vehicle with Truesilver armour they take a S6 hit for each hit they did once damage has been resolved. I'll be amazed if anybody wastes 10 points on this as it's situational in the extreme but I suppose it might appear occasionally if any of your opponents are in the habit of tailoring their lists specifically to kill your Daemons.

And that's it,

I told you this was going to be a short list ;-)

So over the last 3 articles I've hopefully shown you what you the Daemon player need to be watching out for should you be unfortunate enough to play against Grey Knights in a tournament environment.

Tomorrow (or maybe even later tonight as I feel a bit guilty about the briefness of this post, lol) I'll attempt to show you some ways of writing a Daemon list that reduces your weaknesses to Grey Knights without making them useless against everything else....not an easy task admittedly but I'll give it a go ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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