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Lets be honest the Daemon Codex has a lot of problems with it. It lacks anti-tank, is too random and has at least one match-up (Grey Knights) tailored to beat it.

Is this solvable?

Well in the world of computer games they'd have issued a 'patch' for it about an hour after it was released. Unfortunately Games Workshop don't work that way. Sure they'll clarify the odd point here and there and correct the odd spelling mistake or grammatical error with an errata/FAQ but until recently they've never actually changed anything.

Until the Dark Angels and Black Templars FAQ's that is. In these they actually changed parts of the codex or updated them I suppose. If Games Workshop don't mind changing the rules to bring them in line to more recent codices why can't they do that with the Daemon Codex.

Not the same thing?

Well, it is actually. All armies that have a Deep Strike orientated option have ways to improve its chances of survival.

Space Marines get Drop Pods that reduce their scatter so they don't land on units and mishap, Tyranids get Mycetic Spores that basically do the same thing, Blood Angels Jump Infantry only scatter D6 and can re-roll their reserve roll if it fails, etc.

And none of them end up with the wrong bit of their army 33.33% of the time.

I therefore have a few suggestions to make,

'Wishful Thinking' Chaos Daemon FAQ version V 1.1

Daemonic Assault.
The Daemonic Assault rule is modified as follows. The army is still divided into two equal waves but no roll is made to decide if the chosen first wave is received. Simply select which wave you wish to arrive first.

Have fluffy rules if you like. Daemons arrive by Deep Strike is fine if a little annoying, adding an extra stupid rule that screws them over even further is not ;-)

Additionally, when subsequent reserve rolls are made each unit rolled for may add +1 to their reserve roll should they choose to land within the 6" 'no scatter' zone of an Icon.
For example. A unit of Bloodletters with a Chaos Icon is already on the table having arrived in the first wave. The controlling player would like one of his units coming in from reserve to land by this particular Icon. He nominates a Daemon Prince that he has in reserve and rolls as normal, adding his plus one and rolls successfully. The Daemon Prince in question now must be placed within 6" of the nominated Icon.

All other 'Drop' armies get some help with accuracy and/or reserves so why shouldn't Daemons?

Chaos Icons.
Points cost is reduced from 25 points to 10.

These have always been too fucking expensive.

Changes to Daemonic Gifts.

Bolt of Tzeentch.
Gains both the Lance and Melta special rules.
In addition, the points cost for Bolt of Tzeentch is reduced by the following amounts,
Herald of Tzeentch - Reduced from 30 points to 15 points.
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch - Remains at 10 points.
Daemon Prince with Mark of Tzeentch - Reduced from 35 points to 20 points.

Lance isn't unreasonable as Daemons only have two high strength shooting attacks and only one of them (Tongue on the Soul Grinder) is higher than S8. The Melta rule turns bolt into an equivalent of a Multi-Melta and I don't recall anybody claiming that Multi-Meltas are 'broken', have you?

Master of Sorcery.
Any unit with Master of Sorcery capable of purchasing shooting attacks may purchase them multiple times. The original restriction on using the same power more than once still applies unless he has purchased a duplicate ability.
For example. A Herald of Tzeentch has purchased both the Bolt of Tzeentch and Master of Sorcery abilities. This would normally allow him to use both his Bolt of Tzeentch (purchased at 15 points) and Daemonic Gaze (a default ability) in the same shooting phase as Master of Sorcery allows him the use of an extra shooting ability in the shooting phase. He could not normally use one of these abilities twice.
However, should he purchase the Bolt of Tzeetch a 2nd time (for an additional 15 points) he may indeed use that ability twice at the same target. Should he also have the 'We Are Legion' Daemonic Gift then these may obviously be at multiple targets.

So for 90 points a Herald of Tzeentch can land and fire 'Bolt of Tzeentch' twice at something, which is (imo) entirely reasonable. For 95 he can fire at two different targets but remember he's still only BS 4. A Daemon Prince taking advantage of this ability with my revised points cost would still be 155 points which is still more expensive than pretty much everything in other codices with equivalent fire-power.

Something for the Fluff Bunnies.
Any unit taken in it's Chaos God's sacred number or multiples thereof gains the 'Instrument of Chaos' and 'Chaos Icon' Daemonic Gifts at no points cost.

Well why not?

So that's how I'd 'Patch' the Daemon codex. Armies could now be divided in a tactical way rather than a 'what-if' one. Reserves are more reliable and they might actually worry mechanised armies a bit. I'd probably reduce the points of some of the Daemon Prince upgrades and unit costs as well but that'll require a bit more thinking about. I'd seriously considered giving appropriate Daemons the 'old' Rending Rules as well...

However if anybody has any better ideas feel free to comment.
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