Plan For the Rest of the Week.

After my usual Tuesday HoP article is up together with my associated Tuesday link to it, I'm going to spend a week going through all the 'Please Help Me' E-mails that I haven't had time to look at yet.

After a quick look through my e-mails I have a backlog of about 10 or so that I'll be needing to sort out. I also have a few verbal requests for help from friends that I'll try to fit in as well.

Once that's all done I have two 'Primarch' Posts to upload (One of which is a 'guest' one) and really need to have a day sorting out all the links and whatever to make sure everything on the blog is current.

You may have noticed some adverts appearing here and there. I'll try to keep these as unobtrusive as possible and I may abandon them altogether if they become too annoying. The Wayland games one at the top is well worth a look though as they have some decent bargains on there ;-)
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