Forge World Newsletter 280

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            This week’s newsletter sees the release of the first in an exciting new range of scenery from Forge World. Originally unveiled at the Forge World Open Day back in April, the Realm of Battle Imperial Strongpoint is now available to order.
Realm of Battle Imperial Strongpoint 
Imperial StrongpointComprising a power generator, two reinforced defensive positions, dragons-teeth tank traps and huge, armoured blast doors dug into a central hill, theImperial Strongpoint Expansion is a fortified stronghold that will make a great feature for your armies to fight over in games of Warhammer 40,000, and is fully compatable with the Citadel Realm of Battle Board available from Games Workshop.
Perfect for representing critical objectives such as a command and control facility, or a fortified artillery pit, the Imperial Strongpoint can be used in games of Planetstrike as a unique Bastion or to represent a huge variety of stratagems, strategic assets and other rules in Battle Missions. It is also a great addition to Apocalypse games and other Warhammer 40,000 battles, plus it can be used as part of a Games Day Armies on Parade competition entry.
The Imperial Strongpoint, designed by Stuart Williamson, is cast from a hollow resin as durable and sturdy as the plastic Realm of Battle Gameboard tiles from the main Games Workshop range, and is available to order now for immediate despatch.
This tile is the first in a wide range of planned Expansion tiles designed for use with the Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard that Forge World will be releasing over the coming months, and as always we’ll be bringing you more information in future newsletters.
Forge World Events News – Games Day Germany
Warhammer Forge sculptors Steve Whitehead and Keith Robertson, as well as graphic artist Sam Lamont, are soon to embark on their journey to Cologne for Games Day Germany on August 7th, alongside the rest of the intrepid Forge World team. We’ll have limited numbers of the Imperial Strongpoint Realm of Battle Expansion Tile available to purchase on the day, alongside our MkIII Armoured Boarding Space Marine and Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith Event Only miniatures as well. We look forward to seeing you there!
We are excited to announce that several other new Forge World and Warhammer Forge kits will be exclusively on sale at Games Day Germany. First revealed at Games Day Chicago on 30th July, the Exalted Vermin Lord, designed by Mark Bedford, and Skaven Brood Horror, designed by Trish Carden and Steve Whitehead, will both be available in limited numbers from the Sales stand.
Joining these detailed resin kits are three new Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought weapons, designed by Will Hayes. The Contemptor Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter, and Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon will all be available in limited numbers, in advance of their general release.
If you placed a reservation order with the GW Germany Customer Service team, you will receive an e-mail over the course of this week containing your order number and a confirmation of the total price you will need to pay when you pick up your order at the event. You must bring a copy of this e-mail with you to claim your order.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World
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