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 The Games Workshop Newsletter10.08.2011
In this issue: Divine intervention - the full Sisters of Battle range

Sisters of Battle: new Codex in White Dwarf, the full range of models online.

Adepta Sororitas
Adepta Sororitas
The Sisters of Battle, an elite Sisterhood of warriors, possess a fanatical devotion to the Emperor, and this month, their faith has certainly been rewarded. Not only has part one of the new Sisters of Battle Codex been published in White Dwarf, but they now have their own section on It's never been easier to buy the entire range of Sisters of Battle models.

The Full RangeThe Full Range
Whether you're looking to start a new Sisters of Battle army, or wanting to add to your existing one, has the full range of miniatures available to you. Head on over now to see the Sisterhood in all its glory.

White DwarfWhite Dwarf
Don't forget to grab a copy of this month's issue of White Dwarf - it contains the first instalment of the new Sisters of Battle Codex, detailing the units and abilities of the Adepta Sororitas. Part two will be published in next month's issue.

Robin Cruddace's Sisters of BattleRobin Cruddace's Sisters of Battle
Robin Cruddace, scribe of the new Codex, showed off his resplendent Sisters of Battle army on What's New Today, where he preaches the good word in the name of the Emperor. Check out why Robin is devoted to this inspirational army.
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