Imperial Guard Project - Part 5 - Progress Report

So I've made a bit more progress on the 'Foot' Imperial Guard army.

I need to make 2 more Meltagun guys and 2 more Sergeants to finish off 'Blob' squad 2 and still need to make both the Company and Platoon Command Squads.

Editors Note : I also need to repose several of the Heavy Weapon team 'spotters'.

This is one of the 4 Infantry Squads that have Lascannon Weapon teams.

And here's the almost finished 'Blob' Squads.

Luckily I still have plenty of 'Bitz' leftover.

The 1500 point version (the one without the Psyker Battle Squads or Marbo) should be under-coated and ready for playtesting by Friday.

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