Island of Blood.

As I've mentioned previously, I bought an 'island of Blood' box and traded out the girly elves for some scheming Skaven.

Now I've gotten around to assembling them this has given me,

2 Warlords,
2 Engineers,
34 Clanrats with Spear and Shield,
34 Clanrats with Hand Weapon and Shield,
4 Clanrat Champions,
4 Clanrat Musicians,
4 Clanrat Standard Bearers,
2 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Teams,
2 Poisoned wind Mortar Weapon Teams,
4 Rat Ogres,
and 2 Packmasters.

Once I've done the same with another box later this month that should give me quite a few options to work with.

It's also made me realise that the best way to avoid hobby boredom is to have about 10 projects on the go rather than concentrating on just the one...
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