E-Mail In : Help with School League Orks.

E-Mail In :

Hey Gmort.
Just wondered if ou were up for a challenge and felt like helping me come up with a nasty ork list following the school league rules? The local group I play with has had an influx of gamers from a local school and as a way of helping them get themselves ready for the next season (next year I believe) we're running a few 600 point leagues. 
The FOC is as follows:
1+ HQ
2+ Troops
0 -1 Elites
Either 0 -1 Fast Attack OR 0 - 1 Heavy Support.
As you can see its a very restrictive FOC and I have had no problems designing lists for my power armoured forces but I want to run an ork list now. I would prefer an infantry based Goff list, though I'm not adverse to meching up the list. At the moment I'm thinking of the following:
Big Mek - 85Pts
Kustom Force Field
20 Boys - 180Pts
2 Rokkit Launcha's
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
20 Boys - 180Pts
2 Rokkit Launcha's
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
That leaves me with 155 points and I dont know where to spend them. I could go with stormboyz with a Power Claw Nob, Burna's or even a couple of units of 20 Grots. 
I've also designed a mek based dread mob list which fits the rules, basically 2 Meks, 2 Dreads, 3 Kans and 2 units of 10 Grots.
Can you help?

Reply :

I'll see if any of the Ork players who look at the blog can help you. If they can't then I'll give it a go myself.

Well any Ork players up for the challenge???
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