Sisters of Battle Rumours.

Thanks to Natfka over at Faeit 212 for compiling all the current crop of Sisters of Battle rumours into one handy list.

Repeated below,

Remember that these are still rumours so take with as much salt as you like ;-)

Sisters of Battle Rules
Faith has changed a lot. Gone are the requirements to roll over the number of models, instead Acts of Faith are activated on a D6 roll of a 5+.

Each unit that can use faith roll a D6 every turn and this is the number of faith points added to the pool of faith points which is regenerated each turn with no carry over for points not used.

Most importantly is that there are no generic acts of faith. Each unit have a particular set of Acts unique to them. So for example Battle Sisters get to re-roll to hit, whilst Sisters Repentia get to always attack even if slain before they would normally be able to strike.

Each Act of Faith can be used in any phase where it is relevant so a squad can use a Faith point to re-roll to hit in the shooting phase and then another in the assault phase to do the same.

As before. Can take a wide variety of equipment. Possibly can take a bodyguard of Celestians.

May take a retinue in the same way an inquisitor can and may draw from a large number of follower types including many from the GK codex. Allows any unit they lead to re-roll to hit and to wound in close combat.

Battle Sisters
10-20 models per squad.
Transport: Rhinos and Repressors(?) or Immolators(?)

Acts of Faith:
Re-roll to hit in shooting and/or assault phase
May use several acts of faith.

5-10 models per squad.
Weapon options include combi-weapons and specialist ammunition such as psy-bolt rounds.
Transport: Rhino or Repressor

Sister Repentia
Cost: "Space Marine points cost"
10-20 models per squad.
Fearless, Rage, Feel no Pain
Equiped with Eviscerators

Mistress equipped with power armour and twin neural whips, power weapons that auto-wound on a 4+.

Act of Faith: Allowed to strike with models killed before they get to attack. (Only in Death Does Duty End?)

May not take a transport.

Deathcult Assassins

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Act of Faith: Ap1 on 6s to hit (New version of Divine Guidance?)

Largely unchanged but is thought to increase in range.
Penitent Engines

Boxed Sets
Battle Sisters Box, plastic kit (Could be Celestian/Seraphim shared box)
5x Sisters or Seraphim
11 Heads, 5 bare, 5 helmeted and 1 with gasmask/respirator
Flamer, Melta Gun, Storm Bolter, Hand Flamer (both left and right hand), Inferno Gun(?) and Inferno Pistol (both left and right hand), Bolters, Bolt Pistols, Power Weapon, Chain Swords

Penitent Engine Box, plastic kit
4x Different CCW options, aesthetic only?
Flamer or Melta mounts under arms.
Several Driver choices
3 Icon Badges from major orders.
Miscellaneous scroll plates and extra bits

Repressor Box, plastic kit
Similar to Forge World one
Reworked Turrent and different Dozer Blade
Same 3 Icon from Penitent Engine kit but bigger
Numerous scrolls and Sister doors.
2 Driver heads, bare and helmeted

Priest kit, plastic?
Comparable to Empire Wizards kit
Numerous heads
Plasma Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Hand Flamer, Book, Eviscerator

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