Assault Cannon Vs. Lascannon.

A lot of people lately seem to have rediscovered Razorbacks as a form of transport.

My personal preference is for the Lascannon and Twin-Linked Plasma Gun version. Twin-Linked Assault Cannons and Twin-Linked Lascannons are also common choices.

But which is best?

Obviously the first variable is going to be, best against what?

Certainly the Las/Plas version is best against Heavy Infantry and also does a pretty good job against a variety of vehicles. However against something like a Land Raider only the Lascannon is of use.
Assault Cannons are good Vs. infantry but rely on 'Rending' to kill Heavy Infantry or Armour 13 and 14 vehicles.

So as I've already mentioned Land Raiders I'll use them as the basis for this particular comparison.

Lascannon Vs. Land Raider.
1 Shot, 0.66 Hits, 0.11 Chance of penetration.
Twin-Linked Lascannon Vs. Land Raider.
1 Shot, 0.89 Hits (with the re-roll), 0.15 Chance of Penetration.
Assault Cannon Vs. Land Raider.
4 Shots, 3.56 Hits (with re-rolls), 0.59 Chance of a rending, 0.2 Chance of a Penetrating hit.

So Mathshammer puts the Assault Cannon on top in this particular instance. *

* Of course as any long term gamer will tell you you'll either get four 6's or none because the dice gods are the arch enemies of maths ;-)
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