Today's Tournament.

Went to a doubles tournament today expecting to have an enjoyable time as usual at such things. It didn't go quite according to plan (not to say that there weren't fun aspects to the day just that they were in spite of the event rather than because of the event).

Rather than whine about particular people I have come up with a few pointers for the smooth running of this particular event in the future ;-)

For organisers
1) Sell the event correctly - I don't mind going to half-arsed tournaments where no-one can be bothered to allocate missions are note down Victory Points as long as that's what I'm expecting. If however I'm paying £20 for a tournament at Warhammer World in Nottingham I expect certain standards.
2) Something to note down who won, lost etc. to hand in would have been useful.
3) 3 game 'tournaments' need Victory Points to separate placings. Having 4 joint 2nd places is just lazy.
4) Missions need to be allocated by organisers rather than rolled for by players. There were 3 games, there are 3 deployment types and 3 missions, now that doesn't seem difficult to decide in advance does it?
5) Army Lists need to be checked by an independent party. I could have fielded basically anything and got away with it.

For attendees
1) There's no excuse for being half an hour late for a coach, be on time or stay the fuck at home.
2) Read the 5th edition rulebook - A basic knowledge of the core rules is absolutely essential to avoid unnecessary pissing about.
3) 5th Edition is all about true line of sight, accept it or play something else.
4) Don't be a dick - Querying every move and shot is annoying.
5) Don't be a dick - Dragging out your turn to prevent another one being played for your own advantage is the pinnacle of 'That Fucking Guy' activities.
6) Remember it's just a game.

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