I was asked by Alpharius about the 'Plaguebearers' from my Daemon army in the comments section of a post on YTTH

So here are some close-ups

The Champions

Note: I always like to have a model who looks obviously in charge even in units that don't have an upgraded character or leader.

and back.
And with their respective squads.

Each squad has the same weapons and shield (with the exception of the champion who gets a spear instead).

They were made from..
Chaos Space Marine legs and bodies (The 'Tide of Spawn' boxes I bought to make the Fiends also come with a 10 man squad of Chaos Space Marines each so I used those).
Marauder arms, weapons and shields.
And spare Knight heads with the horns removed.

They're meant to be the failed recruits of my Renegade chapter 'The Night Reapers', so you can see some of the the chapter colours (a Metallic blue) under the 'nurgly' green tarnish.

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