Chaos 'Counts As' Blood Angels Part 3

Carrying on from Posts 1 + 2

Finally remodelled the Sergeant/Aspiring Champions, and assembled my Priests and Chaplain equivalents.
I'll spend tomorrow tidying everything up before undercoating them together with the standard troops. Haven't completed the Meltagun guys yet as I can't seem to get the poses to look right (most likely because I'm using Berzerker bits and as we all know berzerkers don't carry Meltaguns, lol).

Apostles of War - 'Counts As' Chaplains.

Berzerker Surgeons - 'Counts As' Sanguinary Priests.

Blood Sorcerer - 'Counts As' Librarian.

Aspiring Champions - 'Counts As' Sergeants

Anything that Isn't done by the end of tomorrow will have to wait for a week or so as I have to get some stuff painted for a Doubles Tournament at the end of next week.

All constructive criticisms welcome as long as they're not about mould lines as I'll be removing those before undercoating ;-)
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