Gav Thorpe - Can you Fuck Off and die please.

I'm sitting here converting miniatures (as per the below threads) so I can have a Chaos army that works and managed to wind myself up.

Of course I can't do that with the actual Chaos Space Marine Codex thanks to that Dickhead Gav Thorpe deciding that Raptors are actually Assault Marines that Suck despite having 10000 years of experience.

And it's still annoying me 3 years later...............................

Lets hope they let Matt Ward do the Chaos Space marines book whenever it eventually happens. After all, he could wipe his arse on a blank piece of paper and do a better job than Gav Thorpe did.

Of course the Chaos Daemon Codex is pretty bad as well and I can only blame Gav for some of that.

On a more constructive note I'll fix Raptors for everyone

1) Take the entry from the previous Chaos Codex and drop their points to 25ish.
2) Remove 0-1 limit.
3) Oh wait, I only needed two.

While I'm on a roll I'll fix the Chaos Daemon Codex for everyone as well.

1) Abandon the whole 'on a roll of 1 or 2 the Chaos Gods forget which half of the army was meant to turn up first'. You can keep the rest of the Daemonic Assault rules as they're okay.
2) Add 'Lance' to the description of Bolt of Tzeentch so Daemons can actually kill vehicles at range.
3) Make the Soul Grinder WS4 + BS4. Its a giant Gun Platform with fucking Great Claws for fucks sake. That goes for the Defiler as well (Maybe WS5 on the Defiler and the Defiler should be Armour 13 front and side)
4) 25 Points for an Icon, Really? Try 10, Okay?
5) Reduce the costs of the basic Troop units by a few points each to make up for the fact that they fall apart when someone throws a pointy rock at them and those that don't fall apart suck in assault instead.

There's a lot more, but those 5 would be a good start...
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