Learning curves

I understand Marines.

Doesn't matter if they're Chaos, Vanilla, Templars, Daemonhunters, Space Wolf or Blood Angels the fundamentals are the same.

Decent BS and WS...check
Toughness 4...check
Power Armour...check
Bolt Gun...check
Frag and Krak Grenades...check
Rhino or Rhinoesque Transport...check

And then I decided to do a Tyranid army...

Suddenly I'm seeing strange number combinations like BS 3!, Armour that doesn't stop Bolter rounds!!, psychic defence that's fucking useless (Fuck you however wrote the Tyranid FAQ)!!!, etc.

I was uncomfortably reminded of the first time the stabilisers were removed from my bicycle.

Yes, I'm getting to the point you impatient bastards...

All things being equal I should have a usable Nid army assembled and ready for practice games by mid next week.

I'm well aware that Tyranids are nothing like I'm used to. I'm going to make mistakes, I'm going to lose horribly to Battleforce Marine armies commanded by small children, I'm going to have to refer to my Codex to see how things work a number of times that will just pass the annoying mark, I'm going to forget to use abilities I really needed to use, and so on.

The fun thing is I'm going to let you lot see my failures in all their glorious horror. Together we are going to learn how to make Tyranids work through the wonderful medium of 'Trial and Error'.

Hopefully this will become an educational series of articles that will prevent you all from making the same mistakes I undoubtedly will.

Worst case scenario it will give you the chance to laugh at another persons misfortunes and as we all know that's a pretty good reason for looking at anything...
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