Tyranid Project - Interlude - Falling Behind

So, I may have rashly predicted that I'd have my Tyranid army up and running and ready for test games by the middle of this week...

As it now IS the middle of this week that obviously isn't going to happen :-(

The first solution that sprang to mind was to just edit the post where I said it would be done by now and insert a more realistic estimate...of course then I realised that some smart arse would be sure to notice...

So in the intended spirit of the project (which was to document both the good and the bad) I'd best be honest.

I failed to take several things into account,

1) Everything in this army (with the exception of the Termagants) needs converting in some way from something else.
2) I made certain presumptions about what spares would be on the sprues with the result that I need 3 'Tyranid Monstrous Arms' sprues to finish off my Hive Guard (which I've just ordered).
3) I've spent more time than normal to get the conversions just right as I find myself caring more than normal about the 'look' of the army.
4) I've never yet finished a project in the time frame I set for it, so why did I think that this one would be any different ;-)

On the bright side I should have the bits I need by the weekend so I can finish off the Hive Guard then.

Until then I'd best re-prioritise, which is a polite way of saying 'get my finger out and get the fuck on with it'.

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