Back, but not necessarily by public demand ;-)

Greetings all,

I'm back from holiday and I'm sure you all missed me ;-)

What do you mean... 'Were you gone , I didn't notice?'

Anyway, I don't sleep much so I've had some spare time to have a more thorough dig through the Tyranid book to see if I was missing any particular gems. A lot of numbers were crunched and a few things sprang to mind pretty much all of which involved some kind of 'Maths-Hammer'...

Therefore, 'Maths-Hammer Week' seemed like a great idea...

So I'm going to get it all those Tyranid related numbers out of my system and then I'm going to start working on another project that will be being prepared while I'm finally tuning my Tyranids while giving them a (hopefully) nice paint-job *

* that sentence probably needs some punctuation marks.

Now having single handedly** proved that Tyranids are competitive, I'll be having a go at something else but I'm not sure what yet.

** Obviously, that's a lie...

The top 4 candidates for 'next project' are (in no particular order),

1) Space Marine Bikers.
2) Jump Pack Blood Angels.
3) 'Foot' Marine army (probably using Space Wolves)
4) 'Foot' Imperial Guard.

I'm not abandoning my 'Tyranid Project'. I'll still post battle reports that have any particularly useful strategic nuggets of wisdom in them, I'll still tweak the list when necessary, However the list works well as is and has now moved from the 'can I make this work' pile to the 'I suppose I'd better paint this' pile ;-)

Also, in a complete abandonment of correct procedure 'Maths-Hammer Week' will be starting on a Sunday (tomorrow)...
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