Why I love 5th Ed. 40K

There’s a few posts on the various Blogs I follow talking about this * article on Bell of Lost Souls.

* If you happen to get more than half way through without wanting to hunt down the author and give him a slap then your a far more tolerant person than I.

Kirby’s assessment of it is particularly incisive ;-)

Personally I have found 5th Ed. To be a much tighter rule-set than 4th and was a considerable improvement in all respects.

Here for my own amusement (and what better reason would I need?, It's my blog after all) is a list of my favourite things about 5th Ed. In no particular order.

1) True Line of Sight – Makes everything much simpler. If I can see it and it’s in range I can shoot at it…awesome.

2) Better Rules for Terrain – No infinitely high hills, nice little pictures and charts in the rulebook to explain what’s getting cover and what isn't.

3) No Consolidation into Combat – Annoyed both my Daemons and my Berzerkers at first but I’ve got to admit it solved a lot more problems than it created.

4) Vehicle Damage Tables – No more transported units wiped out by a random penetrating hit and no more destroying on a glancing hit.

5) Wound Allocation – Though occasionally abused by a few units *cough* Nob Bikers *cough* the higher chance of killing Sergeants, Special Weapons and other previously immune upgrades from a unit makes the whole experience a bit more interesting. However, the time I lost my Power Fist Champion just before his unit was about to get charged by a Dreadnought was a bit annoying, but you can’t have everything your own way can you, lol.

6) No Partials – I was never quite happy with the whole 4+ partial hit thing.

7) BS Reducing Scatter Distance – Nice and simple like most damn good ideas.

I suppose traditionally lists like this should go to 10 but to be honest I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

Feel free to add your own if you like, I'm off to bed...
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