Imperial Guard Project - Part 3 - To Do List

This should have been Part 1 I suppose but I do things in the order that they occur to me not necessarily in the order that they should be done, lol.

So onto what I need,

76 Standard Guardsmen.
These guys are a mass production job and I fortunately already have 20 or so assembled. I'm not going to convert these at all. Their 'Renegade' Status will be indicated more by the nature of their squad markings than anything else. I'm undecided yet whether I'm going to remove all the Imperial Markings or simple paint over the top of them with something more 'Chaosy'*.

* If Chaosy isn't a word then it fucking well should be.

6 Meltagun Guardsmen.
Some of these guys will have to have 'Marine' Meltaguns as I don't have enough Guardsmen ones.

10 Sergeants.
The 'Blob' Squad Sergeants will need Power Weapons so they'll get the bionic arms if I can scrounge another couple or Marine ones if I can't (I want them to look the same). The other 4 will just get different heads.

16 Heavy Weapon Teams.
These are already built but need remodelling slightly as it was pointed out to me that all the 'spotters' were in pretty much the same 'pointing' pose. The bases also could do with some more coverage so I'll probably use some foliage as per Chaosgerbil's suggestion.

8 Platoon Command Squad.
They're basically just Guardsmen so will be done in the same mass production phase as the rest of the Guardsmen.

2 Platoon Commander.
The actual models are a bit dull but I don't really want them looking as good as the Company Command Squad so they'll get minimal alterations.

8 Company Command Squad.
As with the Platoon Command these guys are just Guardsmen and are made with the same models.

1 Company Commander.
He'll need a bit more attention. I'll probably still keep the model simple but give him a more scenic base.

I really like this model 'as is' so I see no need to mess about with it. The renegade look will be achieved via paint-job and basing I think.

2 Priests.
I'm going to use Sisters Repentia for these as I have 3 of them still in a sprue and am unlikely to ever use them otherwise.

2 Commissars.
The models I have are armed with Bolt Pistols but don't obviously have a Power Weapon. I've plenty of swords of various descriptions amongst my bitz so that should be a relatively simple conversion job.

12 Psyker Battle Squad.
I've already done a prototype for these which can be found here.

2 Overseers.
Standard Guardsmen with something that could pass for a monitoring device. Most likely I'll keep it simple and use a Guardsmen holding a Marine Auspex.

Guardsmen Marbo.
After reading the GW book 'Nemesis' I've decided I want to make an Eversor Assassin. Luckily I've got a few Assassin models still in their sprues. I'll use an Eversor with an arm swap (or 2) and some extra equipment to represent Marbo. This is one of the models I'm most looking forward to doing.

So that's it then, just over 140 models to assemble before I can start play-testing.

I'd better get a move on then I suppose...
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