Tyranid Project - Part 15 - Doable on a Budget?

I have been somewhat handicapped by my FLGS not being open today as...

1) The guy who's giving me the swords for my Swarmlord wasn't going to be there.
2) I wasn't going to drive 10 miles out of my way to the next nearest shop just to buy 'Chaos Black' undercoat.

Tomorrow however I should be finished up to the under-coated stage.

I went with the Hive Tyrant model as my Swarmlord as I may use the Trygon as a...well... Trygon...but only at 2000 points...maybe...

I also wimped out on my objective markers and just glued the tube thingys from the Genestealer sprues to 40mm bases.

As I'm at a bit of a standstill (and haven't finished either of the other 2 articles I'm currently writing) this might be a good time to review how much It's actually cost me *

*I know that may not be important to everyone but it's certainly important to anyone currently on a tight budget (like me for example).

So I was fortunate that my Girlfriend had bought me the 'Tyranid Assault Brood' £100 box last year and could use that as the basis for my army. However in these budget conscious times would this have been an expensive army to build had I bought everything individually?

Lets see ;-)

1x Swarmlord/Hive Tyrant - £30
4x Carnifex (2 as Tervigons and 2 as Tyrannofex) - £108
3x Boxes of Warriors (2 boxes to make 6 Hive Guard and 1 to make 2-3 Tyrant guard) - £60
3x Monstrous Arms Sprues (Warrior boxes only come with 1 of those sprues and I used the same bits off 1 for each Hive Guard so therefore needed 3 more to make 6 total) - £18
4x Oval Bases £2.50 each - £10

My personal experience has led me to the (with no science or maths to back it up, sorry) conclusion that you need about 25 Termagants per Tervigon for 'Spawn Termagants' purposes on top of the 2 lots of 10 you need to take to make the Tervigons troops.

Which for the mathematically astute of you means I need 70.
Which is either 6 boxes of 12 - £90 0r,
14 boxes of the snap fit 'no options' type which comes to £68.60

Scrounging bits for objective markers should be free so £0 for those.

Which using all the cheap options comes to £294.60 for the models

Also we best include all the misc. bits as well

1x 'Chaos Black' £8 (I know I said I needed to buy another one but the first can started more than half empty)
2x plastic Glue £4 each - £8
2x Super Glue £4 each - £8
1x Green Stuff - £6
1x PVA - £5
1x Modelling Sand - £5

Lots of rocks for basing which if I'm being honest I stole..er, I mean acquired from a number of random locations.

So that's another £40,

Bringing our grand total for our/my wonderful looking (imo obviously) Tyranid army to £334.60

I'm presuming you already have paints, if not add another £20-50 depending on how many colour variations you include.

I'll leave you to decide if that's reasonable or not.....

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