Battlefleet Gothic.

The recent sort out of my hobby room seems to have indicated that at some point I intended to play Battlefleet Gothic.

I even painted one...Badly

Now I've decided that I want to build my Renegade Marine Chapters entire Fleet.

I seem to have a fairly good start and also a lot of misc. stuff I'm not sure will be of any use*

* I bought a bag of items for about a fiver at a model exhibition many years ago and some of it was amongst the bits I acquired.

Some Escorts which will come in handy and a few random transports that will be okay for 'fluff' purposes but not much use in actual games.

A pile of Strike Cruiser parts which turns out to be enough to make 4 complete ships.

A big chunk of it assembled (but unmounted on bases) looks like this.

All in all for my Marine Fleet I have 3 Battle Barges, 4 Strike Cruisers and a hand-full of escorts.

I also have a Light Imperial Cruiser, several 'Infidel' class Chaos raiders, a Despoiler (I think) class Battleship and a Planet Killer.

The 'pure' Marine list in the Armada book has a maximum of 3 Battle Barges, 10 Strike Cruisers and as many Escorts/Rapid Strike Vehicles as you feel like. However taking a 'pure' Marine force from the mixed list from the other section would let you take 4 Battle Barges and 12 Strike Cruisers plus escorts.

Do any of you Fluff Nazi's out there have any idea how big a complete Space Marine Chapter fleet would be?

Thoughts, Comments and links to background resources would be (as usual) most welcome.
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