Hell Blades

So I'm lending my Chaos Hell Blades to my friend Mike for use in an Apocalypse game I've organised so I supposed I should give them some kind of basic paint job.

Which I then did*.

* It's worth emphasising at this point that me intending to do something and then actually doing it is somewhat of a rarity, lol.

Quite why the 'Night Reapers' Chapter are lending out valuable equipment to Blood Pact armies is something I haven't bothered to write into the scenario. I'll be using the 'They just fucking are, Okay?' argument, if anybody asks ;-)

Hell Blade Angled View.

Hell Blade Front View.

Hell Blade Side View.

And As A Pair.

They still need a lot of work but the basic paint-job is the 'starting point' that I can never normally motivate myself to do...

While I was doing those, my girlfriend was doing these for the same aforementioned Apocalypse game.

She refused to do them in my renegade Chapters usual metallic blue colour and did them in this rather fetching grey colour instead. If they were for herself she'd have put a lot more detail in them but as they were for me they got (by her standards anyway**) a 'quick' paint-job.

** Her painting is of a depressingly high standard and makes even my best work look like it was done by a blind, thumb-less, lobotomised Monkey with a big blunt crayon.

I'm building and painting all the guns and accessories separately in order to make everything truly modular.

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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