The Noble Art Of Procrastination

So I decided* I needed to tidy up my 'Hobby Room' as it had become more like a nest.

*By 'Decided' I mean 'was ordered to by my Girlfriend'

The upside was that I managed to clear some shelf space and get a decent overview of what I actually had. The following picture would be more impressive if I'd thought to take a 'before' picture and had taken pictures of the 2 shelves either side...But I didn't.

Though I apparently have a lot of sprues that need to remove the last few bits from and put them away in some appropriate containers. That however is a job for another day.

Of Course It isn't all good...
The downside to this is that it brought into sharp focus my inability to actually finish projects.

I once laboured under the strange idea that Defilers could be made to work in a Chaos army. Later I came to the same daft conclusion about Soulgrinders in a Daemon army. Now the only conclusion about them I have is that their unfortunate shape makes them difficult to stack neatly...

I did once paint one and used him about 3 times. Once he survived all the way until turn 3...
He'll now wait till the new Chaos Codex** makes him Armour 13 and WS 5 at the very least.
**Whenever the hell that is.

I also apparently reuse the same vehicles in every Marine army I do as I seem to have a large amount of unpainted vehicles. I also have 6 Land Raiders which is somewhat ironic as I think I've only ever used Land Raiders in a game of 40K once.

The Khorne Berzerkers I'd converted into Jump Pack Marines to use as my 'Counts As' Blood Angels army have been removed from the plastic bag that was apparently their home and have got a shelf of their own. If I keep seeing them then I might get the urge to actually finish them...

Same goes for my Bike army.

The Tyranids desperately need painting if I'm going to take them to tournaments and the Swarmlord could probably do with some arms.

The Imperial Guard 'Foot' list has performed adequately in it's few test games but unfortunately is unable to recover from bad shooting phases and it's not particularly mobile. It usually has 2 turns to de-mech an opposing army or it gets rolled over if the enemy still has viable transports after that.
These will most likely stay as a 'fun' list till 6th Edition 40K flips the metagame completely towards infantry and gives them all a 4+ Cover save and changes the vehicle damage table to 1-2 wrecked, 3-4 explodes, 5-6 explodes killing everyone inside and all other vehicles on the table explode in sympathy...Your laughing now...but just you wait ;-)

The Assault Marines were part of my 'Renegade' Battle Company. The Daemon Princes need putting on more impressive bases at some point in the future but other than that they're more than adequately painted. Though, I'm not sure why I have Thousand Sons models as I've always thought they sucked.

This (pictured below) was my attempt to build a modular vehicle that could 'Count As' pretty much anything. All the guns are magnetised so can be changed at any point.
The pile of Defilers pictured earlier may turn into a couple more of these if I can dismantle them fairly intact.

I had a lot of ideas for the Warhound all of which were abandoned...

When I bought this...

The Greater Brass Scorpion really deserves a good paint job but he's unlikely to be getting one any time soon.

And finally for every-bodies amusement I found the first model I ever painted...

So I have my usual mix of half (or less) finished projects none of which will be looked at till at least next week as I have some stuff to do for an Apocalypse game on Saturday.

Thoughts, Comments and Inspiring tales of apathy are (as usual) most welcome.
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