Grey Knights - Just an Idea.

Due to a scheduling conflict I am now unable to go to a local tournament I was planning on attending. The side effect of this is that I now have zero motivation to continue painting the army I was going to take. I usually find (in my case at least) the best counter for hobby apathy is to randomly assemble something.

So from a pile of bits that were by a strange twist of fate on my tray I built this guy,

I'm not sure I've got enough bits to make units of them but then again I'm reasonably sure people will have spare Power Weapons and Chaos Terminator Storm Bolters if I scrounge hard enough.

With that in mind I began to consider the rather radical concept of doing a Grey Knights army that actually had some Grey Knights* in it.....I know.....I'm such a rebel.

* Strictly speaking they'll be 'counting-as' Grey Knights but you know what I mean ;-)

Grey Knights List featuring Grey Knights rather than stupid looking Space Monkeys.....

Grey Knight Grandmaster (175), Master Crafted Psycannon (+50), Master Crafted Force Sword (+5)   (230)

Simple enough set-up. Pretty damn accurate fire from the Psycannon and he's not bad in a fight as well. Also, Grand Strategy can either be used to make the Purifiers troops, or scout some units forward depending on the scenario.

Terminator Squad (200), Psycannon (+25), Psybolt Ammo (+20)   (245)
Purifier Squad (120), Psycannon x2 (+20), Daemonhammer x2 (+10), Rhino (+40)   (190)
Purifier Squad (120), Psycannon x2 (+20), Daemonhammer x2 (+10), Rhino (+40)   (190)

The Terminator squad is obviously there so the Grandmaster has somewhere to chill out (and should actually be in the Troops section.....Thanks Michael for pointing that out) and the Purifiers just struck me as being fucking bloody awesome.

Grey Knights x10 (200), Psycannon x2 (+20), Psybolt Ammo (+20), Rhino (+40)   (280)
Grey Knights x10 (200), Psycannon x2 (+20), Psybolt Ammo (+20), Rhino (+40)   (280)
Grey Knights x10 (200), Psycannon x2 (+20), Psybolt Ammo (+20), Rhino (+40)   (280)
Grey Knights x10 (200), Psycannon x2 (+20), Psybolt Ammo (+20), Rhino (+40)   (280)

I think this set-up is going to become (if it's not already) the standard set-up for 'normal' Grey Knights. Nice amount of shooting from S5 Storm Bolters and the Psycannons with S5 power Weapons (if Hammerhand goes off) for those times when you just have to hit something.

Total - 1975

Not 100% sure what to do with the last 25 points, but I may spend some of them on some Servo-Skulls.

I haven't really thought about this too much from an 'optimisation' point of view but I don't think it's a bad list even in it's current form.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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