Forge Master Idea.....

For those of you who are unaware I've recently rekindled my interest in RPG's with a bit of Deathwatch...

In an effort to make us create models of our characters our GM offered an 'in-game' reward for doing so* which was a pretty clever idea.

* It was only an extra point of Renown, but every little helps.

Of course about a fortnight after creating him his wargear changed so I had to do it again. So I promptly built my Techmarine character model with his 'Signature Wargear' Storm Bolter added to his single Servo Arm and was pretty much done.....until recently that is.

You see Brother Mortis and his Battle Brothers in Kill-Team Epsilon have been making quite a name for themselves and Techmarine Mortis is nearing the rank at which he can start looking at becoming a Forge Master and getting a whole heap of new toys...

While searching the internet looking for ideas to steal inspiration I stumbled across some pretty inspiring (for me at least) Techmarine sketches.

I have therefore decided to model my character in what I (currently) foresee as his ultimate form should he survive to Rank 7 or even 8.

I have certain things that need to be included amongst which are the fact that I want to represent his 'Tank' stats by using Terminator Armour as a basis. I also want to include his full set of Servo Arm attachments as well as all the possible Mechadendrites from various of the 40K based Fantasy Flight books which I'm reasonably sure my GM will allow as none of them are game-breakingly useful.

This means he'll need to be equipped with...

1) A Storm Bolter with a suitably badass looking sight on the top as I've paid the extra requisition for a Motion Predictor already. I'll probably just duplicate the one I made for Mortis's current incarnation as I'm quite happy with it.

2) A Thunderhammer, as I'm going to try to negotiate with my GM to get one instead of the Omnissiah/Power Axe as my character is more of a bruiser than a skilled melee warrior and they have the exact same Requisition and Renown requirements. They are also somewhat ironically a more common Tech-marine weapon in the various codices than the Power Axe is so from a background point of view it makes sense.

3) The following arms and attachments relating to his Servo Harness,

Servo Arms x2,
a Combi-Tool,
a Fyceline Torch (basically a Flamer),
a Plasma Cutter (can also be used as a short-range Plasma Pistol),

and the following Mechadendrites,

Ballistic Mechadendrite (contains a compact Pistol weapon so should be easy to model),
Manipulator Mechadendrite (basically a mini version of a Servo-Arm),
Medicae/Torture Mechadendrite (as a Techmarine can't take Medicae till rank 7 this will be an aid to Interrogation for now),
Optical Mechadendrite (To all intents and purposes a tentacle with cameras and a spotlight in the end),
Utility Mechadendrite (A slightly improved Combi-tool),

and finally a Breacher (a drill, basically) which comes as part of another bionic upgrade that I wrote some amazing 'Fluff' to justify and that's not even getting started on how he's going to be plugged into all those Servitors, lol.

Of course the tricky part is working out how the fuck I'm going to do it.....

The other Battle Brothers were unsure about the practicality of Brother Mortis's newest Servitor.....

Any bright ideas anybody???
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