Games Workshop are sorry...apparently...

An apology from Games Workshop for not guessing that more than five people might want to buy something at their event.....

Games Workshop
 The Games Workshop Newsletter27.09.2011
In this issue: Special Games Day message from our CEO
Special Games Day message from our CEO
To all Games Day 2011 customers,

It was great to see you all on Sunday at what proved to be our busiest Golden Demon and Games Day in quite a few years. The gaming tables, hobby areas and displays were packed all day, particularly the Dreadfleet demo games and our staff have fed back how much they enjoyed talking with you throughout the day. We hope you enjoyed it too.

It was good to see how popular some of the new activities were, such as the Masterclass demonstrations and Armies on Parade, both of which we will run again next year. We will also continue to show more of the Golden Demon entries on the big screens, which again proved popular. As always the reviews are already under way to build on what worked well and look at what we can do better.

On the latter, I'd like to apologise to those customers who had to queue for the sales stands in the morning. I'm afraid we were unable to cope with the sheer volume of people wanting the new Warhammer Forge, Forgeworld and Black Library releases. Lessons have been learnt and we will ensure that next year we are better prepared in the sales area so that any queuing is kept to a minimum. I'd like to thank you all for your patience while we sorted this out and I cannot speak highly enough of the behaviour of those in the queue during this time. You were amazing. Thank you.

Anyway I hope you all returned home safely and enjoyed sharing your purchases and stories with your friends and families. Keep your eyes posted on the Games Workshop website and your local Hobby Centre Facebook site for more pictures and videos from the day.

Until next year.

Mark Wells
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