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Having most recently done Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists it seemed a logical progression to attempt to do stats for his arch enemy Perturabo of the Iron Warriors.

He's one of the Primarchs that has received little in the way of attention in the Horus Heresy books and most additional information about him is basically the same shit we already know.

He is described as being 'cold and brooding' but I suppose being dumped at a random location in the galaxy with no idea of your origins is hardly the best way to turn a child into a well adjusted person. Being a master of siege-craft and with a grasp of advance technology far above that of his brother Primarchs you'd think that he's get some credit but evidently his contributions to the great crusade were largely skipped over by the history books with all the decent publicity going to the more 'popular' of the Primarchs. The most famous example of this is him being described simply as the 'comrade' of Leman Russ and Jaghatai Khan during a campaign to oust a particular Ork Warboss when it was Perturabo who actually worked out how to penetrate the defences.

Being forced to split his Legion in order to garrison the planets they had taken further increased this feeling of bitterness so when their own home planet was overtaken by rebellion forcing the Iron Warriors to brutally oppress their own home-world it's understandable that switching allegiance to Horus was an easy choice for them. Perturabo is yet another example of a Primarch who's siding with Chaos could have been avoided by the simple application of a 'well done son' from the Emperor.....

As for equipment, we have mention of a weapon known as 'Forgebreaker' which was basically a Primarch sized Thunder Hammer gifted to him by Horus himself. He's quite obviously going to have decent armour but I can't really improve it over what I give Primarchs normally as 'Primarch Armour' is already as good as I care to make it. There has also been mention of his use of a Storm Bolter but I can't for the life of me remember where I read it, but I'm going to give him one anyway but base it around the slightly increased weapon stats that I used for Rogal Dorns Boltgun. I was tempted to give him some kind of Servo-Harness but have decided against it as I don't think it's the sort of thing a Primarch would use, I may well give him equivalent repair abilities though to reflect his mastery of technology.

Okay then,

Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors.

All credit to slaine69 at deviant art for this picture.

WS 7, BS 7, S 7 (10), T 6, W 6, I 5, A 5, Ld. 10, Save 1+/3+inv.

Composition : 1 (Unique)
Unit Type : Infantry

Forgebreaker*, Primarch Armour, Primarch Storm Bolter**, Frag and Krak Grenades, Melta-bombs.

* Forgebreaker - Counts as a Master Crafted Thunder Hammer (Strength increase already included in profile) that rolls an additional D6 for Armour Penetration vs. vehicles. Additionally due to it's size, combined with the strength of a Primarch even the most advanced armour fairs little chance of defending against it. Therefore any successful invulnerable saves made against it's attacks must be re-rolled.

** Primarch Storm Bolter - A Primarchs weapons all utilise the most advanced technologies available - Range 36", Strength 5, AP 4, Assault 4, Master Crafted, Rending.

Special Rules:
Acute Senses, And They Shall Know No Fear, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Might of the Primarch, Relentless, Tank-Hunter, Master of Siege-Craft***, Master War-Smith****, Will of the Primarch.

*** Masters of Siege-Craft - Perturabo and his Iron Warriors Legion have spent centuries learning the weaknesses in every possible defensive structure and vehicle - Any Iron Warriors unit in an army containing Perturabo gains the 'Tank Hunters' special rule as long as the unit has not moved that turn. Any unit containing Perturabo himself gains the Tank Hunters rule whether they have moved or not and also gain the 'Relentless' rule. Additionally, any unit containing Perturabo may reduce the cover save of a unit they are shooting at by D3 (rolled for before the units shooting has begun but after the target has been selected).

**** Master War-Smith - Perturabo's grasp of machine engineering was greater even than that of the most senior Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus - Perturabo may use the 'Blessing of the Omnissiah' rule with the following modifications. Perturabo is not limited to a single use of this ability each turn and need not be in base contact with a vehicle in order to repair it. Any vehicle within 6" of the Primarch may repair a Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised result (Your choice)on a 2+ and any vehicle within 12" may do so on a 4+. Should Perturabo be in a transport vehicle at the time then this abilities range is measured from the hull of the vehicle and also may be used on the vehicle in which he is being transported.

Strategic Assets:
Perturabo's controlling player gains one of each of the following Strategic assets though they may ONLY be used by Perturabo or Iron Warriors units.

Tactical Assets - Careful Planning, Camouflage, Recon.
Battlefield Assets - Tunnels, Bunkers.
Support Assets - Scheduled Bombardment.

Iron Warriors units gain access to the following additional options.

War-Smiths - As inheritors of their Primarchs special talents those Iron Warriors with the greatest grasp of technology inevitably work their way into positions of command - Any Iron Warriors Sergeant (or Aspiring Champion should you be using the Chaos Codex to represent them), Captain or War-Smith (Equivalent to a Chapter Master) may purchase a Servo Arm for 15 points or a Servo Harness for 25 points in addition to his normal equipment. These gain all the benefits of the equivalent piece of War-gear from the Space Marine Codex. Additionally he may replace his Bolt Pistol, Boltgun or close combat weapon with a Thunder Hammer for 30 points.

That should do it,

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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