Dark Eldar - Not the end of the world.

Its the end of the world as we know it apparently...

Yes, you guessed it Dark Eldar are going to appear and ruin 40K for everyone by being unbeatable...

Just like Blood Angels were, Oh and Space Wolves and Imperial Guard and...

Here's my take on a few things that seem to be bothering a good portion of the Internet and why I think they're full of shit maybe overreacting.

So, in no particular order,

They have lots of Lance weapons.
So your armour 12 Chimera is treated exactly the same, your Rhino is about as scared of Strength 8 weapons as it was before. Land Raiders may be slightly concerned but they can be killed by an average roll from a 10 point (or less) Meltagun anyway...
On that note they've still got to hit, penetrate and get a good vehicle damage roll so it's not like they auto destroy things is it?

They can Turbo-Boost really far.
Unless your playing from short table edge to short table edge anything that can turbo boost and has an anti-tank weapon can be ready to shoot you in the face on turn 2. Never faced an army with Skimmers in it before? find better opponents then.
Imperial Guard Hydras don't give a fuck about turbo-boost cover saves anyway.

Vect can seize the Initiative on a 4+
If you can't win a game if your opponent goes first then your going to be fucked by everybody you play half of the time anyway.
Learn to deploy properly, get some bubblewrap and laugh your ass of when the Dark Eldar player gets first turn and you steal the initiative and blow up his cardboard transports by the handful.

Poison kills Tyranid Monstrous Creature lists with ease.
You've got 6 wounds, a decent armour save and most Tyranid players can dish out at least 2 lots of 'Feel No Pain' from their 2 Tervigons anyway. On the upside, a unit of 10 Termagants now have an almost 10% chance of blowing a Raider out of the sky with their Fleshborers even if it's Turbo-Boosted and has Flicker Fields so it's not all bad for the Nid players.

They can give Feel no Pain to their units/ Pain tokens are broken.
They can give Feel no Pain to (for the most part) T3 guys with a shit armour save. For starters Assault Cannons, Autocannons, Scatter Lasers, Multi-lasers and various other S6+ weapons don't care.
Admittedly they can also give that same Feel no Pain to tougher units. But if you have trouble killing T4 units, with a decent Armour save, Furious Charge and Feel no Pain that also have access to Fast vehicles then I'd avoid playing against any Blood Angel players you might know ;-)

They can spam 20 million transport vehicles.
So can a great many armies and their vehicles aren't made of fucking cardboard.

They can put 4 blasters in a single unit.
So they have an equivalent to Eldar Fire Dragon units. Ask the average Eldar player how long those guys usually last...

I could go on but you'll be glad to hear that I'm not going to.

In Conclusion.
Dark Eldar have a good mix of anti-infantry and anti-tank and a well organised set of units that can be spread across the FOC in ways that make both Tyranid and Chaos players quite envious.
However many of the 'tricks' that people are worried about require expensive special characters to make work, their transports still fall apart if you throw a sharp rock at them and their troops are mostly T3 with crap armour that might get Feel no Pain if all the decent units already have it.

It appears that GW may have released another balanced codex...good for them ;-)

As a consolation to any Dark Eldar players I may have offended here's a picture of Lelith Hesperax to keep you happy,

Sorry wrong picture,
That's the one...

Thoughts, Comments and Death Threats from Dark Eldar players are (as usual) most welcome.

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