Fun with Magnets - Skaven

After growing weary of unpacking 250 Skaven from carrying cases every-time I wanted a game I decided to magnetise their bases so they could be effectively transported on their movement trays.

First I bought some Adhesive backed Magnetic Sheet and some Steel Paper from a company called 'Magnetic Displays'. They responded to my Paypal order with a confirmation E-Mail the same day I sent the order and despatched the items that same day as well. They arrived 2 days later which is pretty good service if you ask me*

*If by any chance you order anything from these guys mention where you heard of them and they might send me some free stuff, lol.

So I gathered together what I believed to be the necessary tools (and the Magnetic stuff, obviously).

And then in true Skaven style found something to experiment on ;-)

I used a standard square base for measurement purposes and marked the Magnetic Sheet a fraction wider as I figured removing a little extra would be easier than adding a little extra ;-)

The sheet cut very easily. Rather than go straight into mass production mode I figured a test model might be sensible...

Though I don't suggest transporting your models like this it seemed like a good way of testing the magnet strength...

As I mentioned earlier I cut the sheet very slightly larger than I thought I would need.

One strip, a base wide gave me enough material to do 9 bases.

A bit of careful planning enabled me to cut exactly 99 base size squares from the 240mm x 180mm sheet I was using, 50 of which were used for this large unit of Plague Monks.

I've left a gap in the middle where the Plague Furnace will go and stuck the 'Steel Paper' on either side for the Plague Monks. I haven't peeled the top layer of paper off yet.

It looks like this if your interested, I'll be removing it later.

Here's another wonderful upside-down picture showing the wonder of magnetism and it's total disregard for gravity...

The unit of 50 took me about half an hour to do and I wasn't exactly rushing at any point. The next unit should be done a lot quicker.

With the additional of some flat storage cases with handles that I acquired from a local Craft store called Hobbycraft I should be able to transport my Skaven with relative ease from now on.

Thoughts, comments and free gifts are (as usual) most welcome.
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