Skaven Progress.

So I've been using a list based around some suggestions of Steleks on YTTH for using the Skaven from the Island of Blood box.

The suggestion was to use the 'Spearmen' from that box as minimum sized Stormvermin units in order to utilise as many Weapon Teams from that box as possible. Trading the High Elf 'half' of 2 boxes for the Skaven 'half' of 2 boxes has got me 4 'Island of Blood's' worth of Skaven which in turn has meant I now have 8 weapon teams.

Of course I then made the mistake of looking at somebodies Stormvermin and instantly deciding that I wanted to use the proper models.

I'm now £120 worse off but am infinitely more happy regardless ;-)

This also means I now have 2 units of 40 Clanrats armed with Spears and Shields to utilise as they're no longer needed to pretend they're Stormvermin and I also have the option of fielding 2 units of 40 Stormvermin should the desire ever occur.

Which leads me neatly to a picture of the 'progress' I mentioned...

Once every-things assembled I'll take some pictures of the whole army in all it's unbased non under-coated glory, lol.
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