Skaven Project - Even more progress

Movement trays based* and the Stormvermin's mould lines (for the most part) removed.

* Or should that be rimmed as I haven't put sand on the base as such? Actually I'm sure rimmed means something else completely...I'll stick with 'based' I think...

Tomorrow I start basing this lot.

4 lots of 'Island of Blood' and a Skaven battalion give you a shitload of Clanrats to mess around with. Of course due to the way the Island of Blood Skaven are moulded there isn't a lot you can do with them other than assemble them as GW intended, which means I have more spare musicians and Standard Bearers than I'm ever likely to need.

Also, the observant among you may have noticed that my Clanrat movement trays are built one row longer than I actually need.

There are 2 reasons for this,

1) I don't like having 1 guy plonked on the outer edge of the tray when a Hero or Lord displaces someone from the unit.
2) I may use them as 50's occasionally and I don't want to build another 5 movement trays.

They'll all be magnetised eventually so there shouldn't be an issue with them sliding about.

Editors Note : I'll probably revert to '40K' mode tomorrow with the promised 'Foot' Guard Battle Report.
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