Much to do!!!

No, I haven't disappeared, been abducted by Dark Eldar or been replaced by a less evil duplicate.

Unfortunately doing hobby occasionally uses up the same time I'd normally spend talking about the hobby, lol.

Apparently my brilliant plan to avoid 'Hobby Apathy' of doing about 10 projects at once had a rather major drawback...Which obviously was that I'm not actually bloody finishing anything.

I did fit in a game of 40K with my 1500 point Imperial Guard List during which I made mistakes of such magnitude that it made my first game with my Tyranids seem almost professional...I will of course be doing a Battle Report of that game sometime in the next few days so you can all laugh at my deployment and then despair at my poor target priority.
I've also played a 2000 point game of Fantasy with (Some of) my Skaven vs. Ogres which I only remembered to take 1 picture of and therefore will not be doing a battle report of. It however can be summarised like this...Skaven Weapon Teams are awesome till they explode killing everything around them ;-)

Also, I've been thinking about 'Mathshammer' and some of the problems that come from trying to apply it to 'Playhammer'. The main issue being that dice only roll whole numbers which screws with some of the probabilities that I've been taking for granted up to now...A blog post will be forthcoming on that subject towards the end of the week.

Back to Plan A.
One job at a Fucking time.

Job 1
Finish assembling Skaven - I have to build another 60 Stormvermin, which I'll be starting as soon as I've finished this post ;-)
Basing Skaven - Tomorrow should see that job done. Hopefully I'll have time to undercoat them as well.
The Skaven will then have to wait till I've done some 40K projects before they'll get to see a paintbrush.

Job 2
I have an Apocalypse game to finish organising for early next month. Part of that organisation is going to involve painting some models that I'm lending to people and building 'Objective 7'...

Job 3
Tournament preparation - I'm definitely going to the 'Throne of Skulls' tournament in January so I'll need to get some practice in with my 1500 point Marine army. There's a 1750 tournament a few months later that I fancy going to but I'll probably take my Tyranids to that as it will at least motivate me to actually paint them.

That should keep me out of trouble for a bit with the added benefit of providing me some stuff to blog about.

Of course there's also the added distraction of Dark Eldar models being fucking gorgeous and trying to work out ways of crowbarring them into my other armies as I can't afford to do a new army from scratch :-(

Oh, and as a reward for hanging around checking my blog here's a picture of some oriental girl who apparently thinks your awesome...

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