UKGT - January

I've bought my ticket now and am therefore somewhat committed to going to the UKGT 'Throne of Skulls' in January.

I had a test game with the list against James's Imperial Guard semi-mech list and managed to beat it even taking into account the fact that I forgot to deploy my Landspeeders and then forgot to roll for them all game, Doh. So I effectively won with a 1290 point list, lol.
We then used a fair bit of proxying to make James's list more effective and had a game at 1750 which ended in a draw. I have official permission from James to blame the dice for the fact that I didn't win but it was a fun game non the less :-)

Anyway, back to the army...
The 'Basic' colour scheme is done and I've used a Chaos Teminator Sorcerer to keep in theme with my Terminators. There's still a hell of a lot of painting to do to make it look presentable as several of the models I'm using were either painted in a rush or done a looooooonnnnnggggg time ago...

The 'Night Reapers' 1500 point Assault Force.

The Terminators and 'Sorceror' (Counts-As Librarian).

I plan on building an impressive base for the Librarian but for now he's 'White-Tacked' to a base.

Combat Squad 1.

These guys get no upgrades at all at 1500 points and to be honest probably won't get any at higher points values either. The 'Sergeant' needs squad markings and some highlighting. The squad needs tidying up a little, maybe a wash and the Bolter barrels drilling out.

The 'Riflemen'.

These Dreadnoughts get drafted in when I play at 1750 and don't really need any work on them other than perhaps a bit of highlighting and a wash or 2.

A week or so of painting should be all they need to get the army Tournament ready which will give me shit-loads of time for playtesting.

Comments, Advice, Insults about my painting are (As Usual) most welcome.*

* Except for comments about my painting which I'm the first to admit is basic but at least I don't go over the lines ;-)

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