Completed 'Wolf Scouts' and Some Appropriate Fluff.

Lieutenant Antus looked around the bunker that he’s chosen for this briefing with the same feeling of irritation that had been his almost constant state of mind for the last three days. The fact that it’s use was forced upon him due to it being the only location solid enough to have a meeting without being deafened by the near constant bombardments coming from the base of the traitor Guardsmen they’d been sent to eliminate in no way increased it’s appeal.

Antus had never completely understood why a Marine would put aside his Power Armour and willingly replace it with the Carapace armour that the majority of the Veterans before him wore. Of course that wasn’t strictly true, he understood the necessity of the compromise he just had no desire to make it himself…

Of course the difference between these warriors and the neophyte Scouts that normally wore this type of armour was immediately apparent. These men were completely confident in their individual abilities and had proven them on myriad battlefields across the Imperium. If their demeanours and the Dark Grey cloaks worn by all Night Reaper Veterans were not enough to indicate the difference then their weapons certainly were as they were marked with decorations and kill markings from a dozen campaigns. Chainswords that had tore apart everything from Orks to Eldar, Bolt Pistols of many designs some of them so ancient that they were fed by belt rather than clip, Power Swords that were in many cases Chapter Relics, not to mention the Meltaguns, Flamers and other exotic weapons that some of their number carried marking them as warriors of considerable experience.

“You may have noticed” stated Antus matter of factly “that we are having some issues closing with the enemy…”

Grim smiles appeared on the faces of a few of the Veterans as the Lieutenant continued.

“The terrain is unsuitable for any move forward with our Rhino or Razorback transports and even if they could move over it it’s unlikely they’d get very far before being blown to pieces by the enemies artillery…”

As if to punctuate the point a particularly well-aimed shot landed close enough to the command post to drown out his voice and cause dust to fall from the ceiling.

"...Additionally the Artillery support is protected by Hydra batteries which makes an aerial insertion an equally  suicidal proposition..."

A second shot more precise than the first landed directly above their position causing the lights to blink out for a moment and adding another shower of dust to settle on top of the first, several of the Veterans wiped the new layer of detritus from their weapons while awaiting for their leader to continue.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted” continued Antus  “The artillery needs destroying before we can move troops to eliminate the other elements of the enemies force and for that I need your expertise”

“We’ll need to take a particularly circular route to get to that artillery unnoticed…”

The Marine who had spoken was armoured not in the Carapace Armour of the others but rather the normal Power Armour of a full Marine though his weaponry was anything but standard. His left hand wielded a Lightning Claw of ancient design while a Combi-Meltagun of equal if not greater age was clamped to his thigh. He was one of a small number of Marine Veterans whose experience was such that he could keep pace with his lighter armoured comrades without in anyway compromising their stealth.

“How you accomplish your mission I leave entirely in your hands” finished Antus “I just need it done as quickly as possible”

“Not a problem” said the second of the two Power Armoured Veterans “consider it done”

No further words were needed, so Lieutenant Antus left the meeting to ready the rest of his force for an assault knowing with full confidence that by the morning there would be no artillery left to prevent it…

Wolf Scouts and Wolf Guard.

Wolf Scout Unit 1.

Wolf Scout Unit 2.

Wolf Scout Unit 3.

For those of you who are interested they're made from cloaked Sniper Scout bodies, legs and heads with various types of Chainswords and Bolt Pistols from my Bitz box grafted on to appropriate arms and adapted to fit where the Sniper Rifles normally attach. They're painted in the Dark Grey colouring of my other Wolf Guard and Veterans Cloaks with the armour pieces painted in the metallic Blue Chapter colours that I normally use.

I suppose technically they should be called 'Night' Scouts and 'Night' Guard but that would probably create a bit to much confusion for those people unfamiliar with my army concept ;-)

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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