UK Games Expo 2011

My friend Leon is organising a 1500 point 40K tournament at the UK Games Expo 2011 similar to the one that he did last year. I wrote a very brief overview of it which can be found here.

Tickets to the UK Games Expo itself are available from here and only cost £8.00 if your just going on the Sunday.

Tickets for the tournament itself are available from here and also cost £8.00

£16.00 in total isn't bad going for a day of gaming and last year the prize support wasn't bad either. If he can get enough support this year then he'll endeavour to make it into a two day event in the future and as decent tournaments in the Birmingham area are few and far between I think we should all give him as much support as possible.

Last time I checked half of the 32 available places had been taken so hurry up and buy a ticket ;-)

Hopefully I'll see a few of you there as I've been 'roped in' as a judge.....

If you have any queries or questions then drop them in the comments section and hopefully Leon will chip with any necessary answers.
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