Some Painting Progress

So in between giving out awesome advice, helping out people with army lists, writing guest articles for blog networks and desperately trying to get my followers count above the 100 mark, I occasionally paint some models.....I know it's an action packed life I lead.....

These 'Wolf Guard' are good enough for normal games now and I'm much happier with the new darker grey colouring I've gone with on the 'Veterans/Sergeants/Champions' in my units. The old blue colour was a bit to shiny and bright to fit the armies general theme.

Wolf Guard - Angled View 1

Wolf Guard - Angled View 2

My 'Rune Priest' still needs some highlighting and unit markings. Unfortunately the Chaos Shoulder pad that I've put on the models right shoulder is a bit of an odd shape to put the Night Reapers Chapter symbol on. I may have to put the symbol on the wrong side and his 'I'm a Librarian' rank marking on the other.

Rune Priest - Front View

Rune Priest - Rear View

Some of you might remember my first attempt at making a Space Marine on Jet Bike to use as a Command Squad guy for a potential Bike army (I have most of the models, just not the inclination currently). Well I tidied that first attempt up a little and gave it a splash of paint and am pleased enough with the result to consider making the other five that the army would need.

Space Marine Jet Bike - Side View

Space Marine Jet Bike - Opposite Side View

Space Marine Jet Bike - Top View

Space Marine Jet Bike - Angled View

Space Marine Jet Bike - Opposite Angle View

I've also made a start on 'Counts As' Kharn the Betrayer

'Counts As' Kharn the Betrayer - View 1

'Counts As' Kharn the Betrayer - View 2

And my 'Counts As' Iron Hand Straken who's justification 'fluff' can be found here.

'Counts As' Iron Hand Straken.

Your comments and constructive feedback are (as usual) most welcome.
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