'Unofficial' Grey Knights FAQ

There are a few things that really need clarifying in the Grey Knight Codex.

Here is what I'd like to see when GW get around to doing it,

General Rules Queries.

Q: Does Daemonbane (or any other power/ability listed as effecting Daemons) effect Lesser/Greater Daemons from the Chaos Space Marine book as they do not have the “Daemon” rule?
A: I'd like to say no to this as the Chaos Space Marine Codex doesn't really need any more kicks in the balls. However, the answer is yes. Lesser Daemons, Greater Daemons, Daemon Princes and Eldar Avatars are all classed as Daemons for the purposes of appropriate Grey Knight rules.

Q: Can a Strike/Interceptor squad use the Warp Quake ability on a turn in which they came in from reserve?
A: No, Warp Quake is cast at the beginning of the movement phase before reserve rolls are made.

Wargear/Equipment Queries.
Q: Does a Servo Skull reduce the scatter distance of an Orbital Strike Relay attack.
A: No. The Orbital Strike Relay bombardment always scatters the full distance as per its own wargear entry.

Q: Do the Toughness reducing effect of multiple uses of Rad Grenades stack?
A: No.

Q: Does the Ulumeathi Plasma Siphon only effect Plasma pistols, Guns and Cannons?
A: No. Tau Plasma Rifles and other similar Plasma weapons are all effected as well.

Q: If a unit is hit by multiple Mind Strike Missiles does it take multiple Perils of the Warp tests (assuming the target was a psyker)?
A: Yes. One test is taken per hit inflicted.

Q: Does a Grey Knight using Nemesis Falchions get 2 extra attacks (the one listed in the description and another for 2 close combat weapons)?
A: No. He just gets the one extra.

Q: If a Dreadknight is given a Personal Teleporter does it actually become Jump Infantry in all regards?
A: No. The Dreadknight moves as Jump Infantry but still retains Monstrous Creature status.

Q: Does a Dreadknight double his strength when using a Nemesis Doomfist?
A: Yes as it is a Dreadnought CCW and therefore follows the appropriate rules on page 73 of the main rulebook.

Q: Does a Dreadknight gain an attack when armed with a DCCW and a sword?
A: Yes as page 73 of the rulebook states that an extra attack is gained for each close combat weapon over the first

Q: Should he be equipped with them, does the Dreadknight get to use both the double strength for DCCW and the re-rolls for the Nemesis Greatsword?
A: No, he must choose which weapon he is using before any attacks are rolled.

Q: Does a Dreadknight gain an attack when armed with a DCCW and a Daemonhammer?
A: No, as the Daemonhammer is a Thunderhammer, he would need to be armed with a pair to gain an extra attack

Q: Can a Dreadknight equipped with a Personal Teleporter use the 30” shunt combined with his scout move?
A: No. A 'Scout move' occurs before the game starts but the shunt may only be used once “during a game”. That applies to Interceptor units as well by the way ;-)

Q: Does Cleansing Flame stack? E.g. Two unit of Purifiers charge a 30-strong Ork Mob and both squads get Cleansing Flame off. Do I get 60 Cleansing Flames attacks in total or do I roll 30 dice for the first squad, and then potentially less for the second squad?
A: The two separate uses of Cleansing Flame would be resolved individually. In the above example the first unit would use Cleansing Flame against the 30 Orks and then the second unit would use it on any survivors of the first usage and so on.

Purgation Squads.
Q: Can Purgation Squads use their Astral Aim ability while in a vehicle?
A: Yes, however the standard rules for Fire Points and the vehicles movement distance limits the number and type of weapons that may be fired as normal.

Q: The description for the Astral Aim ability states that the target automatically has a 4+ cover save that can not be modified by any means. Does that mean that a unit that already had a better Cover Save would have it reduced to 4+?
A:  No. The targeted unit always has at least a 4+ Cover Save. If it would normally have a higher one (due to Camo Cloaks, Stealth, Bolster Defences, etc ) then it retains the better Cover Save.

Q: Can Purgation Squads use Astral Aim to fire into a vehicle?
A: No, because the powers description specifically says that you can't...


Q: Coteaz makes Inquisitorial Henchman Troops, does this mean they now take up a force organisation slot and thus I am limited to 6 choices?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Draigo’s Titansword a Nemesis Force Sword for purposes of improving his invulnerable save?
A: No, nothing in the description says it would work as such.

Q: Should we completely ignore Draigo's backstory as it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?
A: Yes. Please accept our apologies for this travesty of writing.

Q: Does Crowe’s 'Blade of Antwyr' gain any abilities for being a Daemon Weapon.
A: No. It is a CCW as per its description in the codex.

Well that's all I can think of for now. But I'm sure that I've missed something that seemed important at the time.....Regardless I'll probably end up updating this page based on any additional rules feedback received. However arguments will need to be of superlative quality to make me change my mind about most of what I've already done.....

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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