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It's been a while since I've done a Primarch post so I'm going to rashly claim that I'll be posting one every Sunday from now on.....

Lorgar generally has a bad press for being a bit of a pussy compared to the other Primarchs. A reputation somewhat confirmed by him going and having a bit of a sulk after being told off by his dad.....Fortunately due to the works of Aaron Dembski-Bowden we have had certain of those events portrayed in a different light.

It's all the Emperors fault by the way. If you take somebody from a world obsessed with religion, turn up acting like a god and then give him command of a hundred thousand genetically engineered killing machines who obey his every word like it was the word of God and then tell him to conquer the galaxy in your name what the fuck did you expect to happen.....idiot....

Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

Where where we?

So after being told by his father that he was doing it all wrong, that their were no gods and that he needed to get his finger out and bring more planets into compliance he went off to have a bit of a think about it. While meeting with his advisor's it turned out that they'd been leaving bits of the planets religions intact in case of just such an eventuality and they decide to go and find something to worship that not only wants to be worshipped but actually fucking demands it.

As a game system based around combat, we need to look at Lorgar's fighting skills in the context of 40K. Well he can kill Marines just fine but has a bit of trouble with other Primarchs as his encounter with Corax clearly shows. In the light of this evidence we're going to use the 'generic' Primarch profile as a basis and then add in some more interesting abilities.

As a bench mark we'll set the stats for our version of Lorgar at the time he'd discovered his purpose as the one chosen by the Chaos Gods to spread their worship throughout the Galaxy. At this point he had a focus and purpose that he previously lacked as well as (presumably) the ability to summon daemons like he was born to it. I wasn't initially sure how to represent the Golden 'Psychic Glow' as a definable ability as it's only described quite vaguely in 'The First Heretic' as 'enhancing his physical form' and 'reaching to his sons across the battlefield'. I finally decided to make it an effect that enhances his own troops in some way as well as possibly having a negative effect on his opponents.

As I see it then Lorgar is a below average example of a Primarch on a purely physical level that moves into the average level when he psychically enhances himself. However his real power is as an inspiration to his men and a living Icon for the Chaos Gods and to a certain extant I suppose he's an 'uber' Chaplain.
Weapons and equipment are a bit easier. He wears Armour and has a crozius maul named 'Illuminaium'.
Lets do this then,

Lorgar the Golden One, Primarch of the Word Bearers Legion.

WS 7, BS 5, S 5 (6), T 5 (6), W 5, I 5 (6), A 4 (5), Ld 10, save 1+/3+ inv.

Unit Composition - 1 (Unique)
Unit Type - Infantry

Frag Grenades, Primarch Armour, Illuminarum*.

* Illuminarium - The Crozius maul of Lorgar is a gigantic mace that unleashes a burst of energy with every strike. Counts as a Power Weapon and against vehicles adds an additional D6 to Lorgars vehicle damage rolls.

Special Rules:
Acute Senses, And They Shall Know No Fear, Apostle of the Dark Gods**, Daemonkin***, Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Liturgies of Hate****, Might of the Primarch, Psychic Gold*****, Relentless, The Word of Lorgar******, Will of the Primarch.

**Apostle of the Dark Gods - Lorgar's Golden light shines not just in this reality but permeates the Warp with equal power. With the exception of units deploying via Jump Pack, Drop Pod or other non-teleportation based methods any friendly unit that can be deployed via Deep Strike will not scatter if placed within 18" of Lorgar and any unit that requires the possession of another model in order to enter play can be placed within 12" of Lorgar exactly as if it had arrived by it's normal method. This ability cannot be disrupted or negated in any way.

***Daemonkin - Any 'Word Bearer' Possessed Chaos Marines in an army containing Lorgar rolls on the 'Possessed Abilities Table' before deployment rather than after and may add or subtract one from the dice roll in order to select a different ability. 
In addition, a single unit of Possessed Chaos Space Marines may act as the 'Gal Vorbak' foremost amongst the Legions Possessed. This unit gains +1 WS, +1 I and rolls twice on the Possessed Abilities Table (as detailed above) but applies both results. 

****Liturgies of Hate -  Any unit joined by Lorgar may choose to pass or fail any Morale, Pinning or Leadership test it is required to make. In addition, on a turn in which his unit has launched an assault, Lorgar and any unit he accompanies may re-roll failed rolls to hit and to wound.

*****Psychic Gold - In battle as in peace Lorgar is a vision worthy of worship to all who behold him. Any friendly unit within 18" of Lorgar may choose to re-roll any morale, pinning or Leadership test required of them as they gain inspiration from Lorgars presence. 

In addition his physical prowess is enhanced (already included in profile). Should he be reduced to a single wound his profile changes to the non bracketed values.

******The Word Of Lorgar - Lorgars skill as an orator is legendary throughout the Imperium. At the beginning of each of his own game turns Lorgar may choose a particular sermon from his own Word of Lorgar, the effects of which will effect all Word Bearers within 12" and will last until the beginning of the players next turn.
   - Destroy the Unworthy - The Word Bearers are filled with hatred for those who attempted to deflect them from their true path - All Word Bearers gain the Furious Charge special rule when assaulting any Loyalist Marine unit, character or vehicle.
   - The Shame of Defeat - The Word Bearers are reminded of the humiliation of being forced to kneel in front of the accursed Ultramarine scum and their Primarch - All Word Bearers within range gain the 'Preferred Enemy' rule against any Loyalist Marine unit and in addition must move towards any Ultramarine unit as if subject to the Rage special rule and may re-roll failed to wound rolls against any Ultramarine unit on a turn in which they charged.
   - Inevitable Victory - The will of the Chaos Gods must be fulfilled at all costs - All Word Bearers within range gain the 'Feel no Pain', 'Relentless' and 'Fearless' special rules.   

So that's how I see Lorgar. Inspiring his men with his wisdom and acting as the ultimate 'Dark Apostle'. Daemons popping out of the air around him while his fanatical forces cut down everything in his path. It was also a good excuse to make Possessed suck less.....

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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