Chaos 'Counts As' Blood Angels Part 4

Carrying on from this post.

I've finally got around to doing some painting.
The Assault Squads, Librarian and Priests are now drybrushed in my Chapter colours.
The 2 Chaplains in the top left corner will have a different colour scheme so they're unpainted for the moment.
The 2 painted (ish) models in the top right are my 'Khorne Berzerkers' that I was using to make sure the base coat mix was the same colour.
The 4 out of place looking Dark Angel Veterans from some past project I never completed will be getting a makeover and Jump Packs and will become my Honour Guard (together with a 5th model I have temporarily misplaced).

I'm still not 100% happy with how the Meltagunners are posed but they'll have to do for now.

Tomorrow I'll start on the armour detailing.

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